Alexis drives to Carr double victory at Farm opener

With the summer weather having finally arrived, the organisers of the weekly Friday evening showjumping competitions at Carr Farm, Wykeham have finally been able to kick off their season.

With a packed entry and a large number of competitors in the first classes the competition was still going late into the evening.

In the horse classes it proved to be a successful outing for Alexis Simpson who took first place in both the 65cm and 75cm horse classes riding Troy, it was a battle between riders Gabby Floris and James Bell for the top spot in both the 85cm and 95cm classes, James taking the 85cm riding Molly and Gabby the 95cm on Basil.

The pony classes kicked off with a win from Harriet Stephenson and Little Tinker who took the 65cm, followed by Lauren McNichol and Jack who won the 75cm. Having been forced to settle for second place in the 65 and 75cm classes Chloe Howarth and Finn gained victory in the 85cm class. Weather permitting the competitions will continue to run every Friday until July 13.


65 cm Ponies: 1st Harriet Stephenson & Little Tinker; 2nd Chloe Howarth & Finn

65 cm Horses : 1st Alexis Simpson & Troy ; 2nd Sarah Coverdale & Rico ; 3rd Catherine Gilling & Quinn

75 cm Ponies : 1st Lauren McNicole & Jack ; 2nd Chloe Howarth & Finn; 3rd Harriet Stevenson & Little Tinker

75 cm Horses : 1st Alexis Simpson & Troy; 2nd Amy Pearson & Stan;3rd Catherine Gilling & Quinn

85 cm Ponies: 1st Chloe Howarth & Finn; 2nd Sasha Owen & Rio

85 cm Horses: 1st James Bell & Molly ; 2nd Gabby Floris & Basil

95 cm Horses : 1st Gabby Floris & Basil ; 2nd James Bell & Molly