Amy and Graziella sparkle in festive event

Richard Mumford on Bo, Elain Cheyne on Cosby, Caroline Pond on Tzar and Tracey Corrigan on Bob, the first four in the Scurry category at the Irton event
Richard Mumford on Bo, Elain Cheyne on Cosby, Caroline Pond on Tzar and Tracey Corrigan on Bob, the first four in the Scurry category at the Irton event

Competitors were encouraged to get into the festive spirit at Scarborough Riding Club’s annual Christmas showjumping competition held at Irton Riding Centre on Sunday.

Following a warm-up in the clear round class, festivities got underway with the horse and hound class.

Graziella Brownbridge proved that she could cover ground well with and without a horse winning the class on Lucky with the help of three-year-old black Labrador Jet, who was also roped into helping Amy Pearson into second place and managed to remain enthusiastic and ‘waggly tailed’ throughout.

It certainly proved to be Amy Pearson’s day with the young Irton-based rider competing a string of horses and dominating the placings throughout the day.

Following a win in the novice class on Scarlette, owned by riding centre owner Mrs Denton, Amy went on to partner Graziella and take the top spot in the highly competitive pairs class, which saw the pair winning by a fraction of a second in a packed class.

To complete her run of success Amy then took the red rosette in the Intermediate with her handsome chestnut gelding Rude Boy, which also saw her retain the Yorkshire Post Trophy that the pair won at last year’s event.

The scurry class was won by relative newcomer to the showjumping world, Richard Mumford, from Sawdon, on Bo, with the pair claiming a clear victory in a closely-fought class.

Once again the Spillers Shield went home with Carly Mansfield, who rode her talented little chestnut, Magic into first place in the Open class and the final prize of the day, the Ann Wheeler Trophy, went to Rita Pickering and Gilly whom the judges felt had put in the most effort throughout the competition.


Clear Round

Vicky Hunter & Tia Maria

Amy Pearson & Castle

Hannah Grevett & Mr B

Hannah Grevett & Willow

Graziella Brownbridge & Lucky

Amy Pearson & Scarlette

Dawn Gallagher & Amber

Horse & Hound

1st Graziella Brownbridge & Lucky and Jet

2nd Amy Pearson & Rude Boy and Jet


1st Amy Pearson & Scarlette

2nd Graziella Brownbridge & Lucky

3rd Amy Pearson & Jay Jay

4th Vicky Hunter & Tia Maria


1st Amy Pearson & Graziella Brownbridge

Rude Boy & Lucky

2nd Amy Pearson & Vicky Hunter

Scarlette & Tia Maria

3rd Elaine Cheyne & Rachel Newton

Cosby & Premier Ambitions

4th Amy Pearson & Dawn Gallagher

Rude Boy & Amber

5th Tracey Corrigan & Richard Mumford

Bob & Bo

6th Hannah Grevett & Amy Pearson

Mr B & Jay Jay


1st Richard Mumford & Bo

2nd Elaine Cheyne & Cosby

3rd Caroline Pond & Tzar

4th Tracey Corrigan & Bob

5th Dawn Gallagher & Amber

6th Amy Pearson & Rude Boy


1st Amy Pearson & Rude Boy

2nd Amy Pearson & Scarlette

3rd Elaine Cheyne & Cosby

4th Georgina Mainprize & Cracker

5th Caroline Pond & Tzar

6th Richard Mumford & Bo


1st Carly Mansfield & Magic

2nd Amy Pearson & Scarlette

3rd Amy Pearson & Rude Boy

4th Rachel Newton & Premier Ambitions