Barracudas’ KO delight

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BARRACUDAS claimed victory in the Group C Handicap Knockout competition to seal their progression into the finals night.

Each team played four games of eight minutes each way for the right to make it through to the finals night.

And it was the Barracuda team that claimed victory on the night after picking up wins over Piranhas, Queen B’s and Focus, and sealing a 10-10 draw against LNA Wasps, who they edged out on goal difference to take the win.

The victors on the night managed a 16-6 win over Piranhas in their first game, before collecting the maximum five points on offer for a win with a 20-13 win over Queen B’s.

Barracuda continued their winning run with an 18-9 success against Focus in their third match, taking their points tally to 15.

They were matched all the way by LNA Wasps, who managed to pick up three wins as well, albeit by tighter margins than Barracudas.

With the two sides level on 15 points going into their final decider, it was a tense affair with both sides knowing that the winners would seal overall success on the night.

With the sides level at 10-10 at the end of the 16 minutes, it went down to the goal difference to decide who sealed success, with both sides moving on to 18 points as a result of their draw.

And it was the girls of the Barracuda side, with their goal difference of +26, compared with LNA’s +14, that were announced as the victors.

Outside the top two, Focus and Queen B’s finished on 10 points apiece to finish joint-third, with Piranhas propping up the table on three points.