Black Sheep, Nemo and Zeris seal series wins

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Scarborough Yacht Club have staged the final races of their series, with Black Sheep, Nemo and Zeris the winners in the 707s, Class One and Class Two sections respectively.

On the final Saturday, race five in the Saturday series – the concluding race - the fleet was depleted although there were good sailing conditions.

There were lighter winds than the previous outing for all but with some very heavy rain forecast.

One new boat took part in the race which was good to see, Fifi, a lovely classic lined Folkboat, owned by Jonnie Barker.

Race 5 result, 707’s – 1st Humdinger, Simpson, 2nd, Black Sheep, Parker& Clark (Black Sheep wins the series).

Class 1 – 1st, Nemo, Turner (Nemo wins the Series), 2nd, Dash, Donnelley.

Class 2 – 1st Zeris, Sizer (Zeris wins the Series) 2nd Fifi (Barker) 3rd, Maximus (Burnett).

On the Sunday, for the fifth and final race in the Sunday series, the wind was a little brisker than and consequently a light turnout for the race.

No 707s ventured out, therefore the series was won by Humdinger (Simpson). With over 30 knots blowing at times it was not for the beginner.

Result, Class 1 – 1st Kassy, Matson, Holder, Clark & Williamson, 2nd, Nemo, Turner, 3rd Windshear, Peacock - Nemo wins the series

Class 2 – 1st Zeris, Sizer 2nd, Takaza, Chatt. Zeris wins the series

Earlier in the month at the penultimate weekend the rain, heavy at times with winds gusting up to 28 knots meant that the fleets on each day were depleted with only a handful of boats taking part each day.

The Saturday saw Joker in the Pack, (Gray, Taylor and Barman), Nemo, (Turner) and Dash (Donnoley), the rain largely stayed away but the wind came in stronger than forecast with gusts of over 35 knots.

The course set on the Saturday took us up to the buoy at Scalby Ness and with the wind in the south west it was a quick passage to the north. A beat back to the Easterly mark and then in towards the Spa Complex at the turning mark and back to the line was the course for each lap.

The lighter boats saw several ‘knock-downs’ with Joker ripping some of her sails and sadly her mast broke after one of the heavier gusts. No-one was injured fortunately and the crew were able to get her prepared for a recovery by the RNLI.

Saturday Series race 4 results

707’s 1st – Black Sheep, Parker and Clark.

Class 1 – 1st, Nemo, Turner, 2nd , Dash, Donneley, 3rd, Midnight Express, Stallard.

Class 2 – Zeris, Sizer, 2nd, Little Jeannie, Robertson.

Sunday race 4 results

707’s – 1st, Humdinger, Simpson, 2nd, G-Spot, Temple, Eade.

Class 1 – Nemo, Turner, 2nd, Vado, Russell, 3rd, Dash, Donnolley.

Class 2 – 1st Zeris, Sizer, 2nd, Whistler, Livesey 3rd, Little Jeannie, Robertson.