When I decided to do the Barons Boot Camp, I saw it as a chance to regain my fitness - and lose a few pounds in the process.

The first hour-long session was held at Scarborough RUFC last Friday, and the boot camp instructors ran us through some basic information then set us off with warm ups and running in the Barons sports hall.

Baron's instructor David Mort stands over an exhausted Andy Bloomfield

Baron's instructor David Mort stands over an exhausted Andy Bloomfield

We were then introduced to our ‘friend’, namely the tyre. We carried this down to the side of the second pitch and we started to do exercises jumping in and out of the tyres followed by many shuttle runs up the hill to the words of The Grand Old Duke of York - instructor Dave Mort loved this part!

We then ran across the rugby pitch stopping every few yards to do different numbers of press-ups, sit-ups,star jumps etc.

Having forgotten my water bottle I realised after the outdoor section of the session how crucial it is to stay hydrated.

For the last ten minutes of every session - the hour-long instalments are every Monday , Wednesday and Friday - instructor Gill Taylor takes us through numerous stretches after a warm down jog, I never realised there were so many different ways to warm down!

The following day I did my fitness assessment, which consisted of press-ups, timed plank - holding a starting press-up position- and 3 minutes of steps.

The latter ruined my calf and I was still ailing for Monday’s session, but this soon eased off as we embarked on more arduous running, lifting, shuttles etc.

The variety of tests and races are superb, with former PT instructor Tommy leading the way, but despite their constant barking of orders the team of coaches are full of advice whenever possible and are very attentive to people with injuries.

What did surprise me is the wide range of ages and abilities at the boot camp, I’ve learned not to try and keep up with the couple of young lads or Scarborough RUFC first team skipper Phil Watson!

As well as the boot camp we are asked to fill in a good diary and nutrition chart for this first week, and then you are allocated a wellness coach per five clients who will then set out a dietary plan and nutrition advice for you - I’m a bit wary of what mine will be!

The course, which costs £75, also includes sports massage wirh Michael Brown on Sundays for anyone with niggles or injuries and during the boot camp, you are also able to attend classes and use the gym at Barons.

Despite my struggles with arm strength, as you can probably see in the video online!, I’m quite happy with my progress so far, but I want to keep pushing and see the results in three weeks time.


So far at the Barons Boot Camp we have worked on various training techniques to ensure results. Such techniques include shuttle runs and super sets.

Super sets are two exercises done one after another with no rest (10 squats followed by 10 press ups).

The benefit of doing super sets is that it maintains a higher heart rate and helps improve on your vascular ability.

By doing 10 squats the blood is rushed to your legs to perform the exercise, then when you go straight into performing 10 press ups your body must re-direct the blood flow to your arms.

This means you heart has to work extra hard and you will reap the rewards of having a healthy heart which ‘over time’ will become more efficient at pumping blood around your body.

Boot campers will already be feeling these benefits, although it is hard work getting up in the early hours, consistent training is the key and the body will be forced into adapting. However such benefits will only happen if the boot camper follows the guidance given by their life style coach.

Coaches are to be assigned on Monday along with the boot campers seven-day diet diary analysis.

BARON’S HEALTHY EATING TIP: Diet is defined by the food you eat, it doesn’t mean that you are eating less or on some fad eating regime. Changing ones eating habits is not as simply as eat this eat that, it is important to understand what you are eating and why. Knowing this will help you make the right decisions for the rest of your life and hopefully pass on to your children, friends and loved ones.

BARON’S EXERCISE TIP: Yes exercise is hard work, yes you have to make time to exercise, however the benefits from exercise out weights the cons exponentially!

To name just a few things that regular exercise can help reduce your risk of...depression, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, osteoporosis, back pain. Not only will you live a longer fuller life but you will ultimately feel much better about yourself and your image. We all want to feel good in our skin, and a regular exercise routine is essential in the sedentary world that we live in.

“Every journey starts with the first step”