BLOOMERS’ BOOTCAMP: Week 2 - Sports editor Andy Bloomfield learns about food and fitness

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When setting a diet for an individual it is important to understand what the person wants to achieve as this will affect what diet we would recommend.

Those trying to lose weight will need to have a calorie deficit of up to 500cal, on the other hand those trying to gain weight (that’s lean muscle not adipose tissue aka fat) will need to eat up to 500cal over their recommended daily intake.

When trying to adapt your diet you simply don’t just skip a meal, you adapt your diet so that your body still receives the essential macronutrients and micronutrients. This can be done by changing portion size, eating frequency and what foods you are eating.

Before giving feedback about a person’s diet it is also important to know about the individual’s current diet and lifestyle. So using Andy Bloomfield and the SRUFC first team captain Phil Watson (both are attending the Barons Boot Camp) as an example: Bloomers is a full-time desk jockey at work, meaning he spends most of his day sat down. However he does walk to and from work sometimes and spends his lunch on his feet when possible. This information alone shows that Bloomers would need to have a very low calorie intake. BLOOMERS will receive his personal diet feedback from his lifestyle coach Paul White – who will be recommending egg whites and coconut oil.

Looking at the SRUFC captain PHIL: His lifestyle involves a 9-5 desk job – however, Phil trains two times a week with the rugby team, attends the one-off boxercise session, attends the gym two to three times a week. He is also involved in the boot camp three times a week and plays a rugby match on the weekend. Adding to this, Phil is a very tall man, meaning he will have to eat even more due to his natural size. Phil will need to consume a very high amount of calories to maintain his activity levels, the fine details will be explained by his lifestyle coach David White.

The idea of showing you two different lifestyles is to highlight the different needs each individual has and that your diet should be tailored to YOUR lifestyle. When you are next out doing your food shopping or looking at a menu in a restaurant thinking about what food you want, ask yourself what food does your body need?