BLOOMERS’ BOOTCAMP - Week three: Changes to my fitness

As we near the end of my boot camp with Barons Health and Fitness Centre I am starting to notice the changes in my fitness.

Walking into work I am feeling more of a spring in my step during the two-and-a-half mile trek - even in these chilly conditions.

On Monday we worked hard on a very boggy surface, with lots of super sets and sprints, especially burpees.

It was very hard work, but when we are doing things that are similar you can tell your body is starting to get stronger, therefore enabling you to push yourself further.

Wednesday was great fun, we started indoor with a very hard exercise.

With two lines of mats and a row of benches lined up, we did 10 jumps and squats on the bench, 10 press-ups on a mat and 10 sit-ups, running between each station and repeated each exercise before finally getting to one of each. This was very hard work but thanks to the encouragement of the instructors I made it to the end.

When we went outside we did more running and lifting tyres, but in between we had a game of tag rugby which was very entertaining - especially as I was trying in vain to stop the towering Scarborough RUFC first team skipper Phil Watson. Each time we dropped the ball we had to do 10 star jumps, so I had plenty of chance to practice them.

On Friday we focused on legs, including a lot of hill running with Dave Mort.

This was followed by some gruelling tyre exercises with Tommy, which severely tested your arm muscles.

As we enter the final week of the boot camp we were advised by Gill during the warm down to start planning what to do after the boot camp to continue improving our fitness.

I’m keen to join a gym, possibly Barons as it is very handy, while also running in an evening - I’m not sure my family can cope with these early starts.

As far as diet goes I’m trying my best to adapt my attitude to food and am taking in the advice given to me by my wellness coach Paul including trying to walk more to work and during my lunch hour, I’ve racked up almost 10 miles this week through this approach.

I have also noticed how tired I am in boot camp days, I’m often nodding off by 8:30pm.