Busy times for Scholars aces

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SCARBOROUGH Netball Club Scholars have made a big impact in their first season in the Scarborough Netball League.

The SNC Scholars team was formed from the original SNC Teachers 1 and Teachers 2 teams, and the ladies also play in the York League, together with some other players from the first division of the Scarborough League.

Scholars are leading the way in division one of the McCain Scarborough Netball League, and play regular matches from September to April.

Scholars captain Hayley Cherry said: “Scarborough Netball Club has offically been operating since year 2000 and now has six teams.

“It has three adult teams and three junior teams. The club offers young netball teams from secondary school the chance to play at a higher level and a better standard through the league.

Lisa Hiley started the club with the original Teachers team and a school team, Sharks, in 1995.”

The captain added: “John Bingham (Scholars owner) and Danny Smith (bar manager) sponsor SNC Scholars, which contributes to the Scarborough League fees.

“The team bought their own kit and also bought a new tracksuit promoting Scholars. We kept it the same colours, blue and pink, to match the rest of the club.”

Hayley added: “Special thanks to Sue Marone for organising a charity fundraiser at Marks & Spencers and Donna Buttery for managing the finances.”