CHIPPING IN: With Darren Foreman - Danny’s made a big statement that will get people following

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It was pleasing to see Scarborough boxer Danny Price winning in such style last Friday.

I watched the fight and Danny did really well.

I am far from a boxing afacionado, but Danny looks to have good temperament and technique and he put him down with two good shots before the ref finished it.

I noticed that his promoter Frank Maloney was straight into the ring alongside Dan after he has knocked a kid down, but after his last win he was the first to critiscise Danny.

I don’t agree with managers, coaches or promoters coming out in public and criticising their players, or in this case fighters.

If you have some advice to give them, do it behind closed doors, don’t tell the press.

I don’t think Maloney endeared himself to the people of Scarborough with his comments in the Scarborough News after the last fight, but nonetheless, Danny has set himself up for a title fight now and I think the people of Scarborough will start to support him.

I for one will be trying to make the trip through to Leeds for his fight in March and I hope many more will do the same.

We see a lot of Danny up at South Cliff Golf Club and he is a level-headed kid. He is probably one of the most improved golfers at the club so if he can keep progressing in the same manner with his boxing, he will go far.

Coming away from the boxing, I noticed a couple of very strange tactical decisions by managers of British clubs in their respective european games this week.

Liverpool had the momentum in their tie against Zenit and looked like they were going to make it through against the odds.

So for Brendan Rodgers to make a couple of changes just after they scored, it killed their momentum and also killed the contest in the process.

Arsene Wenger has also been in the headlines recently.

He is clearly under pressure at the club despite his achievements over the years.

His call to go in against a very good Bayern Munich side without a centre-forward was baffling and they just invited Bayern onto them.

I know Walcott thinks he is a centre forward, but he doesn’t hold the ball up and does his best work in the channels and running at people.

Teams in general don’t take the Europa League as seriously anymore and it is only when you get to this stage when you see teams putting out strong line-ups.

Yorkshire batsman Joe Root has made the transition to international cricket is superb fashion.

Despite his age, he has impressed and shown great maturity in his game.

Some of the shots he played were innovative to say the least and he seems to have so much time at the crease to play his shots.

Hopefully he can continue to impress and score runs and forge a good career in the England set-up.

There were some suprising goings-on at the golf in America.

Firstly I didn’t expect to see a snow man when I turned on my tv to watch golf in the desert.

Secondly it was surprising to see Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods struggle.

I think Rory is still getting used to his new equipment after his new sponsorship deal.

Them two struggling gives the likes of Ian Poulter a chance now, time will tell.


It has to be AC Milan’s 2-0 win against Barcelona.

They were tactically spot on on the night, absorbing all the pressure and hitting Barca on the counter-attack.

Interesting to see two former Portsmouth players in Sulley Muntari and Kevin Prince Boateng getting their goals too.


Mario Balotelli on former manager Roberto Mancini: “There is nobody better for City.

“Most importantly, the players like him.”