Club’s young triathletes are on top form

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Perseverance, dedication and tenacity are the words probably best used to describe the dogged deterination of Scarborough Swimming Club’s young triathletes.

A gruelling winter of 4am morning starts at the indoor pool, to entertain two-hour swim sets under the guidance of the club’s head coach Sam Greetham has set the triathletes up to compete in the season.

The improvements seen in these swimmers over the winter season has been paramount in their successes.

Bronwen Owen, 16, from Thornton-le-Dale, now a competitor in the National Super Series events, has already been crowned National duathlon champion and more recently was selected for the European junior Triathlon Championships to take place next weekend in Holland.

These events see Bronwen travelling all over the country, and the improvement in the strength of her swimming over the winter months has been key to her success.

The teenager is also a top athlete in her own right, having competed at international, national and regional level for several years.

Tyler Hutchinson, 14, from Helmsley and Emma Clapton, from Thornton-le-Dale, have both had flying starts to their seasons building upon their weaknesses from last year to see them both winning all of their Yorkshire series events so far.

Both triathletes look set to compete in the national finals in London in August.

Elliot Hutchinson, 12, a youngster in his age-group, which sees him competing against his brother, has entered centre stage this year with some battles for third place in the events so far.

Triathlon involves an continuous open water or pool swim , bike and run . The swim is a crucial element to the positioning of the triathete in the bike group.

The triathletes swim four or five times a week with run and bike sessions alongside these swim sessions.

Inevitably they are often training for up to four hours a day.

This cross training and dedication means that not only are these Scarborough swimmers top national triathletes, they are also top athletes in every sense of the word.