Commonwealth target for Scarborough swimming star Ross Glegg

Scarborough lad Ross Glegg, selected to swim for Scotland in half-term event in Cyprus 104036c pic by Andrew Higgins 06/10/10 'in Sport
Scarborough lad Ross Glegg, selected to swim for Scotland in half-term event in Cyprus 104036c pic by Andrew Higgins 06/10/10 'in Sport
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SWIMMING star Ross Glegg is looking to earn Commonwealth glory in 2014 - after narrowly missing out on a spot in the 2012 GB Olympic trials.

The 19-year-old Scarborough Swimming Club member fell agonisingly short of the time required to qualify for the GB trials in London when he won the 50 metres freestyle final at the Northern Zone Championships in Sheffield.

PROUD COACH ... Sam Greetham

PROUD COACH ... Sam Greetham

The teenager, who lives in West Ayton, said: “I was only 0.03 seconds outside the time I needed to go into the trials. There are only a three other swimmers of my age who had made it into the trials for London 2012 and it is a shame I did not make the cut but I have plenty of other targets in my sights.”

The swimming star also finished third in the 100m freestyle final.

Glegg, who is in the final year of his studies at Scarborough 6th Form College, is eager to continue his development as a top-level swimmer at Stirling, the base of the Scottish national team.

“I have been involved with the Scotland team for three years now, and there is a chance I can attend the high performance centre at Stirling.

“This would allow me to develop as a swimmer and combine it with my intention to study Sports Exercise Science at Stirling University.

“This would fit into my long-term plans of gaining a place in the Scotland team for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014, ideally in the 50 metres and 100 metres freestyle - although there is always a chance I could compete at 200m as well.

“After the Commonwealths I would have to re-assess my chances of pushing for a spot in the 2016 Olympics in Rio.”

Immediately after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, British Swimming set up five Intensive Training Centres (ITCs) of world-class standard specifically to provide its athletes with a fully integrated training programme at one location.

Stirling is one of these centres, with the others based at Swansea, University of Loughborough, University of Bath and Stockport.

Ross has also been offered the chance to attend the ITC at Swansea, and he has looked into the possibility of scholarships in the United States.

His coach at Scarborough, Sam Greetham, said: “Ross may have narrowly missed out on the qualifying time for the Olympics, but to be approached by these top-class centres at Swansea and Stirling - and also by top universities in the US - shows the high standard that he is competing at.

“If he was to go to the US, he would train over there and return to this country to compete in the major events.”

Greetham added: “Ross is the fastest swimmer in the North now after his win in the 50m final at Sheffield. This is the sprint event in much the same way as the 100m is to athletics.

“These are very strong lads, from top city clubs such as Newcastle and Sheffield who compete in this event, so Ross has done very well but most swimmers in the sprints do not reach their peak until the age of 23 or 24, as the swimmers are still developing physically and are still improving as competitors.”

Greetham is delighted at the progress that Glegg has made over the past few years.

“When you consider that only six years ago Ross was starting to impress in the Yorkshire championships it is great to see his development to a point where he is on the verge of making it into the Olympic trials.”