Controlling your stress levels

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I thought we could talk about a nice easy subject this week, so let’s ease ourselves into stress

We all feel some element of stress throughout our life, whether they are related to work, home life or even our lovely children.

But what we need to remember is that stress is a killer. It kills your ability to enjoy your life. It kills your ability to be the best you can be. It also kills your body by making you susceptible to disease. Chronic stress has been linked to chronic health conditions.

Fortunately, your body is well equipped to handle short-term stress, which is healthy.

But over time, feelings of unresolved anger, frustration, anxiety, hating your job, abusive relationships, whatever, will wreak havoc with your health.

Of course, you can’t just flip a switch and make all of the stress in your life just melt away.

You need to raise your awareness of the sources of stress in your life - the root causes.

Sometimes, stress is external; other times it’s internal. Only you can rid your life of stress.

Some strategies I’ve used before to manage stress include:

Meditation: Take 10 minute breaks throughout the day to focus on your breathing. Attend a meditation class or workshop. Read a book on meditation, or a self-help book, and carve out a little time each day to meditate. Give it a shot and see how it works for you.

Get out in nature: Even a 15 minute brisk walk can invigorate your mind. Getting outside in the sunshine and among wildlife recharges my batteries and quiets my mind.

Quit: Even if you can’t quit your stressful job right this minute, I bet there are things in your life that you can quit - obligations that are no longer fun, memberships you can cancel.

And while you’re at it, now might be a good time to think about where you want to go in your life and start making tiny steps to get there.

Take some me time: Turn off your mobile phone, computer and any other electronic in your life.

Tell people you’re not available and do something for yourself. This could be writing in a journal, reading a book, listening to music, watching your favourite film or painting your nails.

Believe it or not, your diet can also help you manage stress effectively. The more nourished you are, the less susceptible you are to the negative effects of stress.

Plus, wholesome clean food means a focused, clear mind. One great way to help this is to try a green smoothie.

They help me cope with stress on several levels.

First of all, green smoothies contain a super dose of nutrients that replace the ones that get depleted when my body is stressed.

Secondly, they energize me and put me in a positive mood. My body feels healthy and my mind feels healthy.

Here’s a calming, relaxing smoothie. It’s perfect for a midday de-stressor or an end of the day recharge:


1 cup frozen blueberries (or 3.5 ounces frozen acai berry puree)

1/2 cup fresh pomegranate juice (juice from 2 pomegranates)

1 medium banana, peeled

1/2 cup red grapes

3 cups baby spinach or other leafy green


Add all the ingredients except for the spinach to your blender and press the “pulse” button a few times. Next, add the spinach and blend on high for 30 seconds or until the smoothie is creamy.

Just try it and see what you think.Let me know how you get on.

There are loads of smoothie recipes you can use and incorporate into your daily routine.

They are great at adding in those all-important nutrients. If you have any questions on the above please contact me on or 07747882217.