Daniel Gregory’s column: WADA disgrace as Chambers makes GB Olympics squad

Britain's Dwain Chambers
Britain's Dwain Chambers

How often do you hear people complain about how inactive and lazy the youth of today are?

A lot is the simple answer, and here we are with a fantastic opportunity to get the next generation active and involved in sport, yet instead we are deciding to deliver the message that it’s alright to be a drugs cheat and still have the honour of representing Team GB at London 2012.

Aaron Cook

Aaron Cook

I am totally and utterly disgusted that Dwain Chambers has been picked by GB Athletics for the Games. It sends out a message to up and coming athletes that it’s fine to cheat, and even worse, that it’s acceptable to take performance enhancing drugs and get away with it.

It must be even more frustrating for the other athletes either competing against Chambers for medals or for selection for the same team.

They’ve put hours and hours of hard graft into their training to make it to this stage, only to see someone who has cheated his way to the top and essentially stolen a career make it ahead of them or beat them to the finish line.

Obviously it’s not just in athletics that performance enhancing drugs are common place now.

We saw a high profile case in the sport of boxing recently with Amir Khan’s conqueror Lamont Peterson found guilty of using a synthetic testosterone.

But the London Olympic Games are the most high-profile sporting event of a generation and we should be using them to get kids off the sofa and out playing sport, getting more active, and subsequently more healthy.

We all saw how massive an effect the Ashes 2005 win was for the sport of cricket.

The high-profile nature of the team winning the little urn for the first time in decades attracted thousands to the sport.

Imagine the impact the Olympic Games could have.

The selection of Chambers, in my opinion, is a total disgrace and risks undermining the event as a whole.

Another shocking piece of decision-making is that of GB Taekwondo to omit World Number One Aaron Cook from their team for the Games in favour of Lutalo Muhammad, ranked out at number 59.

This is clearly GB Taekwondo’s way of retribution after Cook left their performance programme, despite his good results since. A very odd decision indeed.