Former Boro star Foreman’s back in the swing

It's time for change at Southcliff Golf Club with a new Club Captain, Vice Club captain and new secretary....  Picture by Dave Kettlewell. 114936'7/12/11
It's time for change at Southcliff Golf Club with a new Club Captain, Vice Club captain and new secretary.... Picture by Dave Kettlewell. 114936'7/12/11
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FORMER Scarborough FC striker Darren Foreman is getting into the swing of things as club captain of South Cliff.

Foreman, 43, who was Scarborough’s leading Football League goalscorer, has taken over from the outgoing Paul Pickup, with Andy Roberts coming in as vice-captain.

Foreman had his captain’s drive-in last week and he is looking forward to taking up further responsibilities throughout his year in the hot seat.

He said: “It has all come around very quickly. I was vice-captain last year and now I have taken the captain’s role, so I have 110 things to do.

“There are lots of things going on and being the captain you are the figure-head of many of these events.

“There is a lot more to do than I thought. We are having a refurb, which means that I have become a part-time project manager as well.

“I am really looking forward to it though, I can’t wait for things to get into the swing. I just want to enjoy my time, that is why you do it.

“It is a fair bit different to being a football captain. As captain of a football team you only have the 11 players you are looking after. As a golf club captain there are 400 members, so helping everyone enjoy their time isn’t easy, it is something of a balencing act.”

Foreman got into the game during his football career, while he was turning out with Crewe Alexandra.

He added: “I started a bit late, which is frustrating in many respects.

“I started going down on a Sunday morning with the pro, Craig Hignett and a journalist Andy Dunn.

“At that point it was quite difficult to get a game because golf was more of an elitist sport.

“Clubs have since made huge strides to make things a lot more open. There are plenty of ladies and juniors at clubs now, even the top ones.”

Golf has taken up the competitive side of Foreman’s personality since he retired from football a few years ago.

Despite this he still has plenty of time for the game that gave him his original career for over a decade.

He added: “I am quite lucky because as a paramedic I have found another job that I enjoy after football.

“I have also found another game to play in golf as well.

“I still keep an eye out for both Scarborough Athletic and Southampton’s results because they are the teams that mean most to me.

“My son has just taken up playing men’s league football as well. I still get chance to have a run-around on a Tuesday night with him in five-a-side, but that is enough for me.

“I do have a great amount of memories from my time in football, especially at Scarborough.

“Because of that it does hurt every time I drive past the McCain Stadium, which is quite often because our paramedic base is near there.

“You get a lot of people coming up and talking about the hat-trick against York and the Arsenal game.

“Lets hope that the fans in the town can have days like that again.

“They deserve them because the supporters are fantastic.

“Things do look encouraging for Scarborough Athletic, the manager Rudy Funk looks like he knows what he is doing. It is important that they get back into town though.

“Other clubs like AFC Telford, Halifax Town and Chester City have pushed on because they still have a ground, that is the key to pushing back up the leagues.”