GOLF TIPS: Matthew Conner's five tips for recovery shots

Matthew Conner's Golf Tips
Matthew Conner's Golf Tips

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking a mid-handicapped golfer onto the course.

Even though the ground was damp in places I still managed to have a look at all of the aspects of his game.

After watching a few holes I found I was repeating myself quite frequently in explaining the techniques of different shots.

Basically if the ball is lying in the rough, if it is within 15 yards of the green or if the wind is strong into your face - the technique is fairly similar.

The length of swing changes in order to control the different distances and there are a few little technique changes.

However if you focus on the five key points below when you need to play a recovery shot from the rough, or play a chip shot or a punch shot then you will increase your chance of hitting a good shot.

1) Position the ball opposite your back foot (right for a right hand golfer).

2) Make sure your hands are opposite your front thigh.

3) Transfer 80% of your weight onto your front foot.

4) Accelerate the club head into the ball.

5) Use a jamming motion at impact, this will feel like you are striking down into the ball with the club head.

As I mentioned earlier there are slight changes in technique for the different shots, for example the width of stance on a chip is different to a punch shot.

On the whole though if you follow these five points you will not be far away from giving yourself the best chance of hitting a good shot.