Goodman plays generation game

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HUNMANBY-based co-driver Jim Goodman was back in action last weekend.

Goodman said: “I played the generation game on Sunday by co-driving for Neil Cockerill on the Tour of Hamsterley Rally.

“I first co-drove for his dad in 1973 when Neil was just a lad and after a very early exit on last year’s Malton Stages things would be much better this time.

“Neil had driven only one stage in two and a half years so I told him that even if we finished last the main thing was to take no risks, keep it tidy and get to the end to gain some experience in the car.”

Goodman added: “The only real problem we had is that first gear is too high a ratio and when we were faced with uphill starts this cost us valuable seconds as it was like setting off in second gear.

“Once on the move though it was fine and Neil started to show his potential straight away. Three stages immediately one after the other let him get well into his stride and I was beginning to think it was his dad driving instead, he was certainly driving very quickly.

“There was one very deceptive right hand bend which nearly caught us out on stage two and again when it was repeated as stage five and although it was clear in the pace notes there was a 90 left arrow on it indicating the following left hander which was immediately around the first bend.”

Goodman continued: “We were lying ninth in the historic section and 32nd overall at the lunch halt but on the second run of those first three stages we took time aplenty out of our morning runs. We were seven seconds quicker on the first, a massive 21 seconds quicker on the second despite a complete 360 degree spin on a tight hairpin and nine seconds quicker on the third.

“On the road section back to the final stage the gearknob came off in Neil’s hand and at the re-grouping halt the starter motor packed up and we had to be push started.

“Apart from that the car ran faultlessly and we were well pleased with seventh. In the historic class and 24th overall.”