Great ways to shed the baby weight

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Calling all new mums, there is one thing I can guarantee.

It may not seem like you have the time or energy to lose weight after a baby comes along, but if you want to slim down with a baby in the house, you can.

Really. So here is how to do it, and believe me when I say you can do it if you follow these simple steps.

Six Steps to Weight and Fat Loss after a Baby

Once you’ve got clearance from your doctor to begin a programme of healthy eating and exercise, take these steps to begin your post baby weight/fat loss journey.

1) Define your motivation.

If you know why you want to lose weight, you’ll be more likely to stick to your plan.

It helps to be specific and find reasons that are personal.

For example, if you’re losing weight because you feel social pressure to return to your pre-pregnancy weight, you’ll be less likely to stick to your plan.

But if you lose weight because you enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after an exercise session, you are more likely to be successful.

2) Set a goal.

Goal setting is the most under-valued part of the weight/fat loss process.

Set S.M.A.R.T goals that are designed to help you manage the weight loss process in small steps:

S Specific

M Measurable

A Attainable

R Realistic

T Timely

This is especially important when you are trying to balance your needs with the needs of your baby.

The goal setting process only takes 20-30 minutes, but can determine the success or failure of your journey. There are many websites out there that will help you with this.

3) Combine healthy eating and exercise.

Your post-baby weight/fat loss plan will be more effective if you address both healthy eating and exercise.

Determine your nutritional needs to be sure that you are fuelled properly for workouts but staying away from the processed foods and sugar.

One of the most common workout mistakes is overcompensating with food after a good workout. In fact, many new runners fail to lose fat for this reason.

4) Make a plan.

Your goals and motivation will help to determine the best plan for you.

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide for weight/fat loss, book yourself in to see a fitness professional (who is qualified to plan programmes with post-natal clients) and get a home programme designed. This is well worth it.

5) Identify obstacles.

People who lose weight/fat successfully are people who have a plan for managing the roadblocks that will inevitably appear.

Make sure you take some time to identify your potential weight/fat loss barriers. For example, if you know that your husband may need to work late unexpectedly some nights, have a home workout DVD available just in case.

If your family is not supportive of your healthy eating programme, enlist the help of friends or find support online. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

6) Measure your progress. You might evaluate your progress by stepping on the scale. But remember, if you change your body composition, you may not see a change in your weight even though your body is getting leaner and fitter.

Remember to give yourself credit for doing simple things like eating more veggies during the week or completing your workouts.

You may need to adjust your programme if you don’t see the results that you want.

Keep in mind that healthy weight loss occurs at the rate of 1-2lb per week. You might hit a plateau or go through phases when you are too busy or too stressed to stick to your plan.

That’s okay. Go back to the goal-setting phases and adjust your goals to accommodate your needs.

So there we have it, your perfect starting point to getting yourself back into jeans you wore before being pregnant and importantly enjoy every moment with your new addition with the healthier and happy you.