Horse listener Monty to visit Bishop Burton

Monty Roberts
Monty Roberts

Monty Roberts, the ‘man who listens to horses’, is making a welcome return to Bishop Burton College on October 19 as part of the autumn nationwide Intelligent Horsemanship educational tour.

As creator of the world-renowned and revolutionary equine training technique called JoinUp, Monty has travelled the world training and encouraging people to listen to their horses in order to solve their training or behavioural problems.

The tour features Monty working with a variety of local horses, some who are ‘starters’ that have never worn a bridle or saddle, those who present problems while being ridden and those who are difficult to load, with Monty using his gentle skills and understanding of the equine mind to help owners to build better relationships with their horses and solve the problems that they have been experiencing.

The main demonstration will run from 7.30pm – 10.30pm and tickets are £30 each or £35 on the door (if available) with an early bird discount for those booking before September 30.

For further information on the tour and to obtain tickets visit the website or call 01488 71300.