Paul Ingle Feature 112125b Picture Richard Ponter '25/05/11
Paul Ingle Feature 112125b Picture Richard Ponter '25/05/11

SCARBOROUGH’S former world featherweight champion Paul Ingle is set to be honoured at a special benefit dinner.

The ‘Yorkshire Hunter’ will be a guest at an evening at the Holiday Inn North in Norwich where he will be joined by two other boxers who suffered brain injuries, Michael Watson and Spencer Oliver.

The night has been set up by Ingle’s former conditioning trainer Neil featherby who is based in Norwich.

Ingle’s career was ended in December 2000 when he was injured during his contest with Mbulelo Botile.

Ingle said: “I am really looking forward to it and it should be a great night for everyone.

“I am looking forward to seeing Michael Watson and Spencer Oliver and we can have a good talk about boxing.”

The benefit evening also marks the 20th anniversary of Watson’s injury he suffered against Chris Eubank in September 1991.

Featherby said: “Michael has shown what can be done through hard work and determination and I know he is keen to link up with Paul.

“Michael was in a wheelchair after his fight with Eubank but now he is walking and even did the London Marathon in 2003.

“Hopefully Paul can take some motivation from what Michael and Spencer have achieved because they have all had similar injuries.”

Ingle has kept his eye closely on the boxing scene and watches the fight action both on television and at local events.

Ingle added: “I have never fallen out of love with boxing and if I was told I could box next week then I would do it.

“Boxing is all I have ever known and it is a great sport and the people involved are very passionate.”