Inventor Rob’s magnetic tees set to attract interest

Rob Goodman with North Cliff's Frazer Kelley
Rob Goodman with North Cliff's Frazer Kelley

Scarborough-born Rob Goodman returned to the town last month to launch his newly invented magnetic golf tee.

Former Blacksmith’s Cloughton footballer Goodman started playing golf as a junior at Filey and was a member there for 25 years before moving away to become a fireman based at Malton.

He continued playing but had to keep changing golf clubs as he moved from station to station around Yorkshire.

His current home is in Copmanthorpe, he is based at Acomb and plays at Fulford.

He is also the secretary of the North Yorkshire Fire Service Golf Association and a past winner of the gold medal for golf at the World Fire Fighters Games.

Throughout all the changes Goodman has consistently played to a single figure handicap for over 30 years.

Unfortunately, over those years Goodman also developed dodgy knees, he also noticed he was not the only golfer having mobility problems and started to think about inventing something that could make life on the course easier.

Goodman’s big idea surfaced when one of his daughters magnetic earring dropped off, he recovered it for her and noticed how strong the magnet was for such a small and lightweight object.

He immediately started thinking of ways to utilise the neodymium magnet and came up with the idea of retrieving golf tees without having to bend down.

From there he researched to find the durable, virtually unbreakable materials for the tee itself and how to get the magnetic piece inside the tee.

A small problem arose when it became evident that the sole plates on most drivers were not steel but non-magnetic titanium.

That problem was overcome by fitting an easily applied small magnetic strip to the back of the driver or a small magnetic disc into the grip, neither item affects the use or legality of the club and both are supplied with the tee pack.

The tee packs are now on the market and are in stock at both of our local clubs, the packaging features a view of the fifth green at South Cliff, one of Goodman’s favourite golf holes.

The tee packs can also be purchased on-line at and there is an instructional video on the site.

The retrievable tees certainly make it easier on the back and could be an ideal birthday present for a golfer.


Rob Goodman has teamed up with The Scarborough News to give away some top golf goodies, including his new invention, the Magnet-ase tee.

The winner of the competition will win a Magnet-ease tee pack and a 12-pack of Srixon AD333 balls (right), with the five runners-up each getting a Magnet-ease tee pack.

To win one of these great prizes simply answer the question below and email us at by Friday January 10.

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