Ippon Judo members make the grade

Members of the Scarborough Ippon Judo Club line up before a grading
Members of the Scarborough Ippon Judo Club line up before a grading

Scarborough Ippon Judo Club held a course and grading for their both senior and junior members.

The event was attended by 17 members as young and old were tested on their technical skills and knowledge.

At the end of the grading, coach Dave Hammond introduced the members of the still fledgling club to the first set of the nage-no-kata, a series of set-piece moves designed to help people understand the principles of judo movement.

All three techniques on the kata are designated as hand techniques. One of those is kata-garuma, a spectacular throw that resembles a fireman’s lift before completion.

The event was only the second time the club has mixed the adults and young people together on the mat and the day finished with some fun games for the children.

Prior to that, there was hard work to be done by all. All the children did remarkably well to earn new tabs to go onto their belts, while the seniors successfully aimed at gaining new colour belts.

One member of the club even managed to jump a grade, going from white belt to orange belt. “That is not unheard of, but it is an exception,” said coach Hammond.

The introduction of judo kata to the club was an important step, because the grading syllabus requires that anybody aiming for dan grade should know the nage-no-kata, which consists of five sets, each set having three techniques which must be displayed left and right-handed.

“It is important because we have two brown belts that aspire to their black belts, but also some people that are not as keen on the fighting aspect of judo find they excel at the kata.

“So this was an opportunity for everybody to have a brief look at what a judo kata looks like,” added Hammond.

Despite the fact that the mat was full, the club is still looking to expand.

On Wednesday evening training sessions, the juniors, those aged 10-14 practice between 6-7pm before making way for the seniors, 7-9pm.

It is anticipated that the club will expand in the new year, opening up a new session on Saturday afternoon’s.

Anybody interested in starting up judo, or returning to the activity should contact Dave on 07525451454 for further information or check out the website www. judoscarborough.co.uk.