KEEPING FIT: Three exercises to improve your core

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This week I am looking into improving your core (above) and its stabilising muscles.

So many people perform simple exercises unknowingly wrong. So lucky for you I am here to save the day.

The following three exercises will improve your posture; strengthen your tummy and back and make everyday activities that little bit easier to perform.

The Leg Lift Plank

Lie face down, upper body supported on elbows with forearms on the floor as shown.

Tighten up abdominal muscles and lift hips and legs up until trunk is straight, in a push up like position.

Raise one leg upward and lower.

Raise other leg upward and lower.


Perform two sets of 30 seconds to one minute, once a day.

Chair Squat

A lot of people will say that this exercise is really easy to perform, but by making sure your posture is in the correct place and you control the movement through all stages of movement you will find your bum muscles and stomach will work nice and hard.

Begin standing with chair behind you.

Lean forwards lightly as you bend the knees and lower buttocks towards chair.

On set one sit on the chair in a control manner.

On set two before you touch the chair, stand back up.

Stand back up again in a controlled manner, no jerking to get off the chair, use your stomach and bum muscles.


Perform two sets of 20 repetitions

Russian Twist

Make sure with this exercise you lock your core muscles, shorten the distance from your rib cage to your pubic bone to lock correctly.

Sit on the floor with knees bent, arms in front of body as shown. Cross ankles and lift upward and hold balanced position.

Twist trunk to one direction, then other direction.


Perform two sets of one minute every day.

If you feel any pain in your hips or back that doesn’t feel right, stop exercising and consult your GP.

These are great exercises and if you stick with them you will feel a massive difference in core strength and stability.

If you have any other questions related to this topic or any other one, contact me at or 07747882217.