Matt Conner's Golf Tips: How to improve your putting

Matt Conner's Golf Tips
Matt Conner's Golf Tips

Only yesterday was I speaking to a golfer about an issue with their putting.

They had a problem of not putting the ball close enough from long range.

When I watched him putt some balls towards a hole 20 feet away, I noticed he was reading the putt well and he was aiming correctly.

The area where he went wrong was with his speed control.

Most golfers spend a lot of time trying to figure out the break on the green.

They often don’t spend much time at all working on the speed the ball should be hit at.

To help improve your speed control for any length putt try this drill:

On the putting green place a tee peg in the ground about two feet behind the hole.

Start with six-footers and hit balls trying to hole each one.

The goal is to not hit any balls beyond the tee behind the hole.

When the balls are consistently finishing between the tee and the hole keep moving further back making the drill more challenging.

This drill is not all about holing the putt. It is more about working on distance control.

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