MATT CONNER'S GOLF TIPS: Top tips for winter golfers

Matt Conner's Golf Tips
Matt Conner's Golf Tips

The weather at the moment doesn’t look like its the end of October, but as is said, fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Here are five tips to help you with the approaching winter golf.

1 Try to walk

Unless you are really struggling to walk around the golf course I would walk the whole way around the course.

If you are driving on a golf buggy, you will get cold and your swing will suffer. I would walk to try stay warm.

2 Warm hand

Purchase a pair of winter mittens and place some hand warmers inside.

These can be quickly taken off and on again for you to hit your shots.

Keeping your hands warm will help you maintain a good feel for your shots around the green.

3 Aim for the flag

Soft greens will help you play more aggressive golf.

Rather than having to run the ball up the green or have to play to the left or the right.

The more receptive greens will allow you to aim straight at the flag.

4 Stay positive when putting

Wet, slow and bumpy greens can make the best golfers nervous when putting.

You need to be brave and try to knock the ball into the back of the hole.

Keep this attitude even if you miss.

Overall you will hole more putts than you will miss with this positive mentality.

5 Go for the hybrid instead of the long iron

It’s often difficult to hit long irons well from wet thick rough and wet longer fairways.

Changing the long irons for hybrids will help you hit longer shots better from poor lies.

It may be worth using wedges with more bounce.

The more bounce you have on the sole of the club will help stop the club from digging into the ground when you’re faced with a muddy lie around the green.