Matthew Conner: How to control your iron shots to the green

Matthew Conner's golf tips
Matthew Conner's golf tips

Last week I had a number of lessons asking how they can control their iron shots into the green better.

Here are three basic tips I have picked up over the years that are maybe not scientifically proven but that have helped golfers play their irons shots with more control.

1. Direction over distance

When you are on the range aim for a target area that is a short distance away and narrow.

The distance wants to be no more than how far you would hit your seven-iron.

This will help you to develop an iron game that is more oriented towards direction rather than distance.

2. Think of the club face as sand paper

Imagine the clubface being made of sandpaper, feel like you are keeping the ball squashed against that abrasive surface for as long as possible through impact.

Two ways to do this is firstly by keeping the clubhead moving down the target line for as long as possible.

Secondly, make sure that your hands are ahead of the clubhead through impact.

3. 80% power

Start by hitting one seven-iron shot as hard as you can.

Then hit one seven-iron shot so that the ball will only fly a short distance.

Then increase the distance the ball travels by increasing the effort you put into the shot until you find a good rhythm which helps you maintain balance in the swing and at the same time that helps the ball travel with good distance.

Next time you are hitting balls on the range give these tips a try to see if they help you improve your iron play.

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