MATTHEW CONNER'S GOLF TIP: Drill can help putting stroke

Matt Conner's golf tips
Matt Conner's golf tips

Last week a group of lady golfers asked for a group coaching session on the important skill of putting.

What surprised me the most was they all had similar issues.

The main fault was they all flicked their wrists too much when stroking the putter.

A drill I gave them worked well as they all managed to improve their consistency by the end of the session.

One of the keys to putting success is to control the putter with a rocking motion of the shoulders keeping the wrists solid.

Start by putting a towel under each arm, holding each in place under your armpits.

Stroke the putter and focus on the feeling of your shoulders rocking to keep the towel in place allowing the arms and body to remain connected.

This rocking feeling will stop you controlling the putting stroke with your wrists, and produce a more consistent motion.

You will strike the ball from the sweet spot more often giving greater consistency and better distance control.

Another positive from the lesson was that having improved the fundamentals, the group could challenge each other in the practice sessions.

This helped to reinforce their new putting strokes under a bit of pressure.

It is always a good idea to challenge one of your playing partners on the putting stroke when you have been working on your game as it helps you to take the new feelings onto the course.