Matthew Conner: Willett takes advantage of Speith’s errors

Matthew Conner's Golf Tips
Matthew Conner's Golf Tips

So Yorkshire lad Danny Willett won the first major of the year and with family ties to Filey Golf Club I’m sure there will be plenty of celebrations being held at the West Avenue course as well.

A flawless round of five birdies, no bogeys and 30 minutes of madness from the leader Jordan Speith, who created not one, but two errors on the par-three 12th hole racking up a score of seven, gave Willett a two-shot win over the American and another Englishman Lee Westwood.

Danny Willett

Danny Willett

What interests me the most isn’t so much the win, although it’s much deserved, it is what Speith will learn from his huge mistakes.

How often do you find yourself saying ‘if only I’d not hit the ball left on that hole’ or ‘if I’d just made that three-foot putt on the green’ after a round.

Yes, Speith will be saying the same things at first, but when it comes down to reflecting on his mistakes what he will be saying is ‘why did I hit it into the water twice?’

He will be questioning whether it was his technique, fitness or mental state.

He and the team around him will be making sure he is working on the correct things so this will never happen again.

So the next time you play, afterwards ask yourself why did you hit that bad shot and if you don’t know why, get in contact with me and see if I can set you a plan in place to make sure these mistakes don’t happen again, rather than wishing the next time you play, it won’t happen again.