Minta sparkles in Super trial

Thomas Minta on his way to victory at Harwood Dale
Thomas Minta on his way to victory at Harwood Dale
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The brilliant weather held for Scarborough District Motor Club’s Super Youth 2-Day Trial and Shropshire’s Thomas Minta certainly lived up to the star billing of ‘Super’ with a fantastic display of riding to win A class from Toby Martyn and local lad Michael Todd.

Held at Low North Park Harwood Dale, Saturday saw Minta in outstanding form. Only the long, rocky gully toward Moor End taking a dab from him on his first two laps, before levelling it last time round.

Martyn would have run him close, but a slightly nervy first lap of eight lost, including a five dropped him off the pace. But he fought back just three lost second tour and matched Minta’s clean last lap to keep in contention.

In B class Jordan Kent proved on song, firing in a clean last lap to lead overnight from the impressive Keiron Childs, Joe Faunthorpe and Daniel Slack, the two latter riding up a class - and riding well - to gain experience. Unfortunately, likely front runner, Sam Yeomans had to retire. With only two marks lost, Scarborough’s Zac Collinson led the C’s by a country mile, only Yeadon and Guisley man Jacob Snowdon keeping anywhere near him.

Alicia Robinson recovered well after damaging a knee to post two clean laps to stay ahead of the much improved Toby Teasdale whose last lap of one proved a great ride from the Helmsley youngster.

The sound of the future from a strong entry of electric Oset’s that whisper past - they could do with a bell - with Dominic Horne leading the way on Saturday, as Myles Hutchinson and Jack Wells led the conducted and fun trial.

Gary Collinson proved top dog in Dads and Mums and good to see Dawn Sharp back out now that son Alick is competing. Sadly Dawn’s bike had to be raided for spares which meant retirement for the girl on Saturday.

With the marquee in place and live music and orangeade for refreshments, a Glastonbury Festival-type atmosphere rang out around the old camp for all who stayed overnight and with a bit of kayaking and swimming thrown in just to settle any excess energy, a quiet night ensued afterwards.

No thick heads on Sunday as parents had to be as sure-footed as mountain goats on the steep, hillside section of three to look after their offspring.

Elliot Woodall was unlucky to five, but the smile was soon back on his face, cleaning the next.

Henry Jackson had a storming ride for a one, while Collinson, Child and Slack cleaned. Onto Moor End and the awkward double step of Pat Galway’s bothered most but superb cleans from Ben Teasdale, Collinson and Smith.

The usually consistent Edward Earle slipped wrong side of a flag on ten and also missed the exit of 12 where Dave Wilkinson observed and Todd spoilt a good last lap with a trip over the bars on the huge rock step of Jim Carr’s.

Child put in a cracking last lap, only just failing in his bid to rest the laurels from the determined Kent in B class, one mark the difference at the end of a hard two days.

A marvellous weekend of sport for everyone and presentation of awards from the incomparable Steve Brown and son Michael proved icing on the cake for all the youngsters - and even some of the mums and dads as well.

Scarborough DMC would like to thank everyone who put so much effort into this weekend for the young ones.


Class A: Thomas Minta (Beta 5, Toby Martyn (Beta) 34, Michael Todd ((Gas Gas) 61.

Class B: Jordan Kent (Beta) 28, Keiran Child (Beta) 29, Joe Faunthorpe (Acklams Beta) 50.

Class C: Zac Collinson (Feet up Beta) 7, Jacob Snowdon (Beta) 30, Oliver Smith (Beta) 49.

Class D: Jack Dance (Gas Gas) 2, Harry Hemingway (Oset) 9, Harvey Mosley (Beta) 10.

Novice: Callum Williamson (Acklam Beta) 39, Lewis Woodall (Gas Gas) 146.

Conducted D: Dominic Horne (Oset36v) 22, Ryan Shepherd (Oset 48v) 61, Morgan Shepherd (Oset 36v) 89.

Conducted E: Myles Hutchinson (Appleyard Oset 36v) 63, Charlie Crossland (Oset) 74, George Hemingway (Oset) 82.

Fun trial: Jack Wells 14, Flynn Collings 34, Brodie Lyall 39.

Dads and Mums: Gary Collinson (Gas Gas) 72, Alastair Jackson (JTG) 108, Mathew Sharp (Beta) 111.