Neesom off to the Manx GP as TT preparation

James Neesom in action at Oliver's Mount
James Neesom in action at Oliver's Mount

Up and coming road racer James Neesom is forward planning.

He leaves Scarborough this week for a fortnight in the Isle of Man to compete for the second time in the Manx GP.

Hoping to capitalise on a successful debut outing last year as a newcomer taking a third place, Neesom is looking for three more podium places in the Supertwin and junior and senior classes.

But his assault at the 37-mile course is all in preparation for fulfilling his dream- to race at the TT.

Neesom, 23, hopes to be lining up next year with the likes of the Dunlops, Guy Martin and fellow local lad James Cowton who made his debut at the TT this year.

Neesom said: “A lot went straight to the TT this year and I could have done but it is better to go with a bit more knowledge. It is the same course so if I do the Manx twice I’ll know it a lot better.

“I will be more relaxed and if you are more relaxed, you go faster.”

Although speed doesn’t appear to be too much of a problem for Neesom, who this year has really upped the ante.

At his last outing, the Cocck O’ The North he was only five seconds behind man of the moment, Dean Harrison and was in the podium places despite torrential rain and a high-speed crash.

To be eligible for the TT you have to clock 105mph at the Manx. He had an average lap speed of 111mph last year and this year hopes for 120mph.

He said: “I don’t want to be getting in the way of the top lads. I would rather go knowing I am going to be at the top end with them.”