Neil and Betty fail to save Hunmanby from defeat

HUNMANBY No 2 won just two of the eight Evening Singles League division one games when at North Cliff No 1, who won 163-83.

The two heroes - well, one was a heroine - were Neil Ledingham 21-18 and Betty Wilde 21-19. Big margin winners were John Cooper and Robert Child, both 21-3, and Tim Coyne 21-4, while Derrick Swift 21-8 and Richard Thompson 21-9 also won to single figures.

At home to Dukes Park No 1 brought North Cliff No 1 another six-games-to-two success for a 155-114 victory. Ed McCormack 21-5 and Derrick Swift 21-8 were Cliff’s big winners.

Borough No 2 won 145-120 against Bridlington Bay No 2 with new member Jan Hadden 21-4 and Barry Gosling and Lynne Gates, both 21-8, their big winners.

In division two, Borough No 4 beat Dukes Park No 3 152-141, with Joyce Smith 21-13 having their best return.

Borough No 1 boosted their Evening Doubles League bid with an 84-64 success against Bridlington Bay No 1. Big margin winners were Tony Bland and Steve Taylor 21-10.

And Borough No 1 powered to another maximum success 84-28 against Hunmanby No 2 when Bob Walker and Pete Charter 21-1 and Jack Binns and Terry Summersgill 21-2 were the big margin winners.

Pete Charter and Bernie Hopkins 21-4 were the big winners when Borough No 1 beat Borough No 3 84-29.

Hunmanby No 1 dented the hopes of North Cliff No 1 in the Over-60s League division one campaign, winning 11-4 with a 106-95 aggregate advantage at the Alexandra Gardens.

Cliff’s successes came from captain Derrick Swift and Tom Chalmers 23-13 and Colin Burns and Dave Moment 16-15. Best of the Hunmanby winners were Shirley Lightfoot and Betty Wild 22-14 and Pete Richards and Peter Thompson 20-14.

Borough No 1 won 10-4 against Westgate when Jack Binns and Terry Summersgill returned 33-4.

Borough No 2 won four of the six games against Borough No 2 for an 11-4 victory after snatching the bonus points for a 107-105 aggregate advantage.

Big winners were Ann and Doug Crimlisk 24-15 for the No 3s and Gerry and Audrey Stafford 21-14 for the No 2s. Saturday division one champs North Cliff A hammered their newly-promoted B team 13-1 with 237-124 aggregate.