Pair expecting Ingle’s book to fly off the shelves

Paul Ingle in action against Manuel Medina
Paul Ingle in action against Manuel Medina

Author Paul Zanon and publisher Phil Caplan are expecting Paul Ingle’s autobiography, The Yorkshire Hunter, to fly off the shelves when it is released later this month.

The pair will be at Waterstones in Scarborough from 12-2pm with Ingle and his family on Wednesday April 29 for a book signing as they look to the town to fully get behind Paul, 15 years on from his world championship win against Junior Jones.

Zanon said: “We’re trying to call out the whole of the Scarborough, there are 50,000 people there and there are a lot of loyal people in the town.

“He’s still the only world champion boxer from Scarborough, so they can still be proud.”

The highly anticipated book is due to be released a few days before the signing and Zanon said: “I’m very excited for the book to come out, of course I’m proud but I’m also extremely proud of Paul.”

He added: “He was around 20 stone when we started and he’s got himself down to 13. He’s got himself together and he’s back to himself.

The Yorkshire Hunter

The Yorkshire Hunter

“After the accident he lost direction in life and was depressed but he has very good friends in Scarborough that have stuck by him throughout his struggle and he’s coming back into his own.”

Caplan spoke with joy when he described Paul’s relationship with his hometown, he said: “It was paramount that we held it in Scarborough.

“It had to be there as it’s what Paul wanted and we are very grateful to the people of the town.

“There is a mutual appreciation between Paul and the people of Scarborough and we are very pleased.”

He added: “Paul has a huge core support in Scarborough and he’s still a cult hero. He’s not been forgotten and you can see why from the book.

“Paul’s Scarborough through and through and the best surprise to have come out of all this, is that 15 years on he still has the same loyal supporters.”

The book isn’t just about boxing, it also documents Paul’s struggle following his injury and Zanon and Caplan insisted this was the most moving part of the book.

Zanon said: “You can’t wash over Paul’s achievements but my favorite part of the book is a chapter called “Eye of the Tiger” which is about Paul’s against the odds comeback in life.”

Caplan said: “It’s more about his fight outside the ring than in the ring.”

Zanon wrote the book with Ingle and he spoke of some of the challenges he faced while writing the book, he said: “Paul’s memory was a bit shot as a result of the injury.

“I had to interview over 100 people to make sure everything was factual and to make sure the research was thorough.

“Everyone was so forthcoming and they were delighted to contribute.”

Both men spoke highly of Ingle and Zanon, who has worked closely with him on the book, said: “Paul’s been fantastic, he’s been a gentleman, he is a world champion inside and outside the ring.”