Price picks up bronze in Boxaii

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WESTWAY ABC’s Danny Price may have picked up a bronze medal at the Boxaii Tournament over the weekend, but he still wasn’t happy.

The heavyweight saw off the world number two in his first bout in Hungary, but he then controversially lost out to a Polish opponent in the semi-finals.

Price, 25, may see this as a set-back, but he certainly caught the eye of Great Britain coach Rob McCracken.

The Scarborough man said: “I won my first fight against the Cuban world number two.

“The fight was close and cagey, bit of a tactical fight.

“He was a puncher as well so I was just looking to counter his big shots.

“The second fight was a joke. I got beat by a Pole but should have won by four or five points

“They scored four points for him through body shots, I hit him with double the amount, but they didn’t give me any points.

“My coach Rob McCracken was happy with my two performances. He said that the judges weren’t doing any of us any favours.

“Overall it was a good learning experience and I came away with the bronze medal.”

Price is now keeping busy in a huge year for the fighter.

He will be heading over to Sheffield on March 2 for a training camp with the Russian team.

After this Price will fly out to either Finland or Poland for another competition.

This is part of the build-up to the World Championships later this year, which double as a qualifying event for the Olympic Games in London next year.