Promoter Salt sets sights on second show

Promoter Craig Salt was delighted by the success of his Saturday Night Fight Night white-collar show at The Spa, so much so that he is already weighing up a second show for next year.

Salt said: “The event was a big hit, and I would like to thank a lot of people for their help, especially the European Boxing Federation for making sure everything ran well.

Ref Phil Riley declares a draw between Dean Campbell, left, and Chris Sowray

Ref Phil Riley declares a draw between Dean Campbell, left, and Chris Sowray

“One of the promoters from Leeds who also puts on white-collar shows, Lee Murtagh, has already been in touch with me to see if we would be interested in a Leeds v Scarborough-type show so this is something I am considering at the moment.”

Salt added: “There was a great crowd in for the show and there was no trouble. I was very pleased by the support that the town gave us by turning up in such numbers.

“I was talking to Sheldon Jopling and he said it was the best atmosphere he had ever experienced, he loved fighting in front of his home crowd and said the atmosphere was electric.

“It is good to see boxing action in Scarborough once again, and the management of the Spa were very happy with how the night went.

“The show was a big hit mainly due to three people. The main sponsor, Gordon Gibb of Flamingo Land, who was also boxing on the show, Darren Coyne, who is a chief executive at Flamingo Land and was a major help with getting the security sorted out on the night and Ray Simpson, who was my main man on the boxing side of things.”

The best fight saw local lads Dean Campbell and Chris Sowray slug it out in a draw.

Salt added: “The Campbell v Sowray fight was excellent, but there were also great displays from Gordon and Sheldon in their victories and it was great to see Chris Hooper come back after so many years to win at The Spa.”

Gibb said: “The evening was a big success and it was great to see such a big crowd here.”

Hooper added: “I felt nervous before the bout but afterwards it was a great feeling to have won back here at the Spa seven years after retiring.”

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