Scarboro’ retain regatta trophy

Scarborough Amateur Rowing Club retained the Regatta Trophy at their annual regatta at South Bay last weekend.

The hosts were competing against their local rivals the Whitby Friendship and Whitby Fishermen’s rowing clubs.

On Saturday the sea conditions started off fine, but gradually deteriorated with the strengthening sea breezes, but on Sunday the conditions remained near-perfect all day.

The Scarborough club had a hard act to follow with last year’s amazing successes, but was determined to maintain the standard achieved in 2012.

Saturday’s races were mainly for the adult classes, where Simon Taylor’s men’s senior crew were comfortable winners in the men’s senior, and then with slight crew changes, won the men’s over-30, then on Sunday won the men’s over-40 events.

A slightly altered men’s Junior under-21 crew from last year, repeated their form of last year by winning the junior 21 race and gaining second place to Ryan Lowther’s Friendship crew, in the Junior 23 race.

Demonstrating their future potential again this year, Brad Miller’s Junior 16 crew gained third place in both the junior 21 and Junior 23 races.

Sunday’s races are mainly for the under-18s events, when the Junior boys maintained the standards attained last year.

Joe Gibson’s Junior 14 crew, after their first win in the Clifford Page Races at Whitby last month, repeated their success. Alex McIntyre’s crew gained a creditable third place.

Scarborough achieved an amazing one-two-three in the Junior 16 race, with Connor Ward’s crew heading the pack.

Brad Miller’s crew gained second place in both the Junior 16 and Junior 18 races

There has been a welcome additionof about as many girls’ crews this year, and they demonstrated how quickly they have adapted to this sport since starting in April, by gaining places in the Junior 14, 16 and 18 races.

Laura Dixon’s Junior 14 crew, as in the Clifford Page races, again won their event comfortably.

For the first races in their normal race group, very creditable shows were put up by Rebecca Palmers’s crew (second), and Laura Dixon’s crew (third) in the Girls Junior 16.

Ellen Corcoran’s crew were second in the Girls Junior 18 event.

After the two days racing, Scarborough retained the Regatta trophy, The Rea Cup, having gained the most points overall from all the races.

Scarborough is also in a strong position to retain the Wilson Cup, where the points awarded for the Mens Junior 21/Junior 23 /Men’s Senior races, are to be aggregated to the same races at Whitby Regatta in August.