Scarborough’s boxing community have their say on Froch v Groves rematch

Carl Froch (left) and George Groves (right) with Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn. Adam Davy/PA Wire
Carl Froch (left) and George Groves (right) with Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn. Adam Davy/PA Wire

Scarborough’s boxing community have shared their opinions and predictions on this Saturday’s hugely anticipated rematch between Carl Froch and George Groves.

After their hugely controversial fight in Manchester last year, the upcoming rematch has provided some divided views among the local boxing community, with two of the seven predicting Groves will seal the victory this time, four backing Froch to win again and one even struggling to separate them and calling a draw.

Ingle v Medina

Ingle v Medina

Former IBF and IBO featherweight world champion Paul Ingle (pictured) believes Froch won’t be taking the Londoner lightly this time and that he’ll have too much firepower for him.

Ingle said: “I fancy Froch, I really do.

“He hasn’t got a lot of fights left and he will want to go out and do the business.

“He’s charged up after all the talking Groves has been doing and I think he will get the stoppage later in the fight, maybe in rounds nine, 10 or 11.”

John Brownlie, coach at Scarborough Boxing Club expressed his prediction on this Saturday’s fight, he said: “ I think Froch is a lot quicker than Groves, he looks up to it and knows whats he’s doing.

“Froch is the better fighter in my opinion and he knows it. I think the match will be over within six rounds and I’m going for a Froch knockout.”

Kyle O’Toole (pictured), boxer for Scarborough ABC, is backing Groves to get the win this time around. He said: “They’re both good fighters and are both capable of winning.

“There has been a lot of talk in the media about Froch being the best and Froch seems to believe this now.

“Froch may not have the correct attitude going into the fight as he may underestimate Groves like he did last time.

“Groves is certainly the underdog and he will put up a good fight against Froch, that’s why I think Groves will win on points after the 12 rounds.”

Danny Hague (pictured), a strength and conditioning coach who works with several boxers, thinks Groves will get the job done inside six rounds.

Hague said: “Well it is a hard one to call, George Groves is a great fighter and personally I think he’s the better of the two due to his fast hands and quick feet.

“If Groves doesn’t get to involved in a war with Froch he will box him all day long, there will be no competition if he gets his head in the game.

“Froch is a very tough guy though, he can take punches all day long and keep on going, he’s also very technical but I think he has the wrong mindset, that’s why I’m going for a knockout by Groves inside the first six rounds.”

Shaun Ireland, boxer for Westway ABC gave us his prediction. He said: “Froch is a very good fighter, he has the technique and is very able of beating Groves.

“Groves looked as if he was hanging on last time and I think Froch will win yet again.

“It should be an easy win for Froch if he has the right attitude and performs to his best, I’m going for a knockout by Froch by round five.”

“Froch is a tough guy and hard to beat when he performs, Groves will win the first six rounds and tire letting Froch get some back on him, so that is why I’m going for a draw.”

Oliver Battye, heavyweight for Scarborough ABC thinks Froch will get another KO win. He said: “Froch is a great fighter, this time around he’s more prepared than last time, he knows what is coming and I think he knows what he’s doing.

“There’s a lot in the media about Froch being the better fighter and he is in my opinion, he’s not giving in to any of Groves’ mind games, because the only reason Groves is doing that is because he knows hes the underdog.

“The only way I can see Groves winning, is by points. Froch is a tough guy and I can’t see Groves knocking him out.

“Froch to win by knockout in the seventh round for me.”

Ian Johnson, boxing super fan and Scarborough News reporter gave us his input on the fight.

He said: “If I’m being honest with you, I’m going for a draw, they are both exceptional fighters in their own ways.

“Groves for me is the better of the two, he’s quicker and more agile.