Scarborough Swimming Club aces shine in annual gala

Scarborough Swimming Club's Eleanor Woodroffe had an impressive gala
Scarborough Swimming Club's Eleanor Woodroffe had an impressive gala

Scarborough Swimming Club’s annual A/B Gala was attended by a record number of clubs, with home competitors shining at the indoor pool.

Scarborough Swimming Club hosted their annual A/B Gala which is the town’s premier meet at Scarborough indoor pool.

Jake Mensah receives his gold medal from Sam Greetham

Jake Mensah receives his gold medal from Sam Greetham

Swimmers and supporters travelled from as far afield as Newcastle in the north, to St Neots in the south. With a list of over 2,000 entries, this was set to be a staggering weekend of competitive swimming.

The first session commenced on Friday evening with the distance events of 200m and 400m freestyle for boys and girls aged 10 and over.

Scarborough Swimming Club was heavily represented in all events with some excellent performances - Finnian Hutchinson, Edward Hopper, Nathan Mundey, Adam Dawson, Dak Cappleman, Alex Lynn, Chris Cook and Sam Broadley all took medals in the 200m freestyle.

Not to be outdone, Matilda Tomlinson, Sophie Boddy, Phoebe Dawson, Emily Harrison, Ceri Boddy, Lizzie Swift, Emma Clapton, Eleanor Woodroffe, Emily Corcoran and Rebecca Cox all swam superbly to bring home medals for the club. In the 400m freestyle boys event Joe Kelly, Nathan Mundey and Chris Cook all took gold medal position, with Sophie Boddy, Amy Corcoran, Lizzie Swift and Jace Cappleman following for the girls.

On Saturday, the swimmers needed to be completely focused for their race.

In the 200m IM event the fastest six competitors from the A and B sections battled for cash prizes in a knockout event called Skins later in the day, so a lot to swim for.

The balcony was full and the atmosphere electric as competitors lined up to race. Scarborough swimmers were out in abundance to try their best and record fast times for future competition.

Medals from the boys included Nathan Mundey, Dak Cappleman, Chris Cook and Luke Kelly.

Girls medallists were Sophie Boddy, Amy Corcoran, Briony Hart, Eleanor Woodroffe, Emma Clapton, Jace Cappleman and Sarah Roberts.

The boys 100m backstroke event saw Alex Lynn (13) take gold with a time of 1:08:39, which was a great start to the day. Zac Doubtfire (14) took bronze, and Sam Broadley the silver, in the 15 years and over category.

Girls 13yrs and over 100m breaststroke saw Hope Chamberlain take a gold medal in a time of 1:33:58. Sarah Roberts gained a silver medal.

The boys 50m butterfly for 9-12 yrs produced best times for Ben Chamberlain, Adam Keith, Ed and Charlie Hopper. Event 206 was the girls 9-12 yrs 50m freestyle.

Representing Scarborough were nine swimmers in various age groups.

Medallists were Amy Corcoran (bronze) and Briony Hart (gold.

The Boys 13 and over 50m breaststroke gave Alex Lynn gold in a time of 37:61 seconds, Chris Cook a bronze.

Next event, girls 13 and over 50m backstroke, saw a gold medal for Eleanor Woodroffe in a time of 34:44.

The Boys 10-12 100m freestyle produced some great battles, with medals going to Finnian Hutchinson (silver), Dak Cappleman (silver), Charlie Hopper (gold 1:19:79) and Nathan Mundey (gold 1:10:56).

The 10-12 years 100m butterfly event saw Scarborough’s girls take control with medals for Sophie Boddy (silver) and Amy Corcoran (gold 1:20:99).

In the 13 years and over 100m butterfly. Alex Lynn 1:08:04 and Tom Heaton 1:02:89 both took gold in their age groups. Zac Doubtfire got a silver medal.

The 13 years and over girls 100m freestyle event is always one of the most popular in the gala.

With 13 heats, and plenty of support from the balcony, Scarborough swimmers did not disappoint.

Gold medals went to Lizzie Swift (1:04:64), Emma Clapton (1:04:97) and Jace Cappleman (1:02:26) in their respective age groups, with Caitlin MacCallaugh and Eleanor Woodroffe both taking bronze positions.

The Boys 9-12 years 50m breaststroke produced a gold medal for George Brown (9) in his first gala, in a time of 51:56, with Nathan Mundey also taking first place in 44:26. Joining them in gold medal position was Ben Chamberlain in a time of 54:47.

In the girls 9-12 years 50m backstroke, a gold medal went Shanice Dobson (45:00). Silver medals went to Dannii-Bex Doubtfire and Amy Corcoran, with a bronze medal going to Phoebe Dawson.

Next the boys 50m 13years and over 50m freestyle produced gold for Alex Lynn (28:37) and Tom Heaton (25:71) with a bronze medal for Luke Kelly.

Also in the 50m freestyle, making his first appearance at the meet was Jacob Mensah.

Jacob (19) competes as a multi-disability athlete, and recorded a 10 second personal best time of 55:61. He is now awaiting confirmation from the A.S.A. to see if he has qualified for his National Championships held later this year. Best times came from Zac Doubtfire and Chris Cook to round off a great event.

In the girls 13 years and over 50m butterfly, Emily Corcoran gained a bronze medal.

The boys 10-12 yrs 100m backstroke was next, with medals taken by Adam Dawson (gold 1:21:03), Nathan Mundey (silver) and Dak Cappleman (bronze) all from the 11 yr age group, which shows great talent coming through in this event from the younger section of the club.

The final event before the Cowen Senior Skins was the girls 10-12 years 100m breaststroke.

Gold was taken by Emily Harrison in 1:36:46 and silver for Amy Corcoran.

The Cowen Senior Skins completed the session. This is an event that takes the fastest six swimmers from the A Grade and B Grade Individual Medley (boys and girls) in a swim to win situation.

The swimmers compete against each other, with one elimination after every race. All strokes are used and the last swimmer in the event is the winner.

This is always very exciting as the tension mounts after every round.

Representing Scarborough this year were Alex Lynn, Chris Cook, Luke Kelly, Jace Cappleman and Sarah Roberts - who all collected their prizes after some fantastic swims. The eventual winner for the boys was William Murden from Newcastle, and the winner for the girls was Scarborough swimmer Jace Cappleman, who produced excellent swims to take the first prize purse.

Session five commenced with the 100m Individual Medley event for the 9-12 years (boys and girls).

This is the event which produces the finalists for the Hopper Junior Skins later in the day. This is the busiest event of the meet, with 209 entries from 22 clubs.

Scarborough swimmers involved in the boys event were Jacob Mensah, Alex Swales, Adam Keith, Ben Chamberlain, Charlie Hopper, Ed Hopper, Luke Oldfield, Adam Dawson, Finnian Hutchinson, Elliot Hutchinson, Nathan Mundey and Chris Cook. The Scarborough girls competing were Holly Millard, Ellie-Mae Gavin, Megan Couch, Briony Hart, Emily McDiarmid, Matilda Tomlinson, Shanice Dobson, Molly Swales, Phoebe Dawson, Emma Keith, Amy Corcoran, Harriet Longley, Hope Chamberlain, Ceri Boddy, Dannii-Bex Doubtfire and Emily Harrison.

After some great battles, with many best times achieved, the fastest six from each category were rewarded with their place in the Skins at the end of the day. Jacob Mensah was rewarded with a gold medal in this event, and has hopefully gained his national qualifying time.

The boys 10-12 years 100m butterfly saw medals for Nathan Mundey (gold 1:18:92), and silver medals for both Dak Cappleman and Elliot Hutchinson.

Girls 10-12 100m freestyle produced some excellent swims from the junior competitors, with medals and best times galore for the Scarborough swimmers. Ellie-May Gavin (1:31:57), Briony Hart (1:21:19), Emily McDiarmid (1:29:11), Sophie Boddy (1:20:54), Phoebe Dawson (1:13:84), Molly Swales (1:17:47), Amy Corcoran (1:13:00), Ceri Boddy (1:10:10), Dannii-Bex Doubtfire (1:12:05) and Emily Harrison, in a superb time of 1:02:93, completed a brilliant set of results for the club in this event.

The next event was the boys 13 years and over 50m backstroke. Alex Lynn won gold in a time of 32:06, Sam Broadley a silver in his category and Luke Kelly a bronze. Zac Doubtfire also raced home in a time of 32:95 to qualify for his first Junior North East Championships held in December.

Back came the boys in the 9-12 years 50m freestyle. Gold medals were awarded to Ben Chamberlain (42:03), Nathan Mundey (32:59), Luke Oldfield (41:86) and Sam Clapton also (41:86). Adam Dawson took a bronze medal.

The following event, the 9-12 years girls 50m butterfly, saw Briony Hart make gold, with her time of 42:10, Matilda Tomlinson gained a silver medal and Shanice Dobson won a bronze medal.

Boys 13 years and over 100m breaststroke gave Chris Cook, along with Rory Hobkinson, silver medal performances.

The last event of the session was the girls 13 years and over 100m backstroke. Lizzie Swift and Jace Cappleman both gained gold, with respective times of 1:10:47 and 1:09:74. Eleanor Woodroffe won bronze.

The final session of the weekend, started with the boys 10-12 years 100m breastroke. Scarborough swimmers included Owen Hobkinson, Ed Hopper, Tom MacDonald, Dak Cappleman, Sam Clapton, Nathan Mundey and Adam Dawson. Personal best times were coming in thick and fast, along with more medals for the club.

In the girls 10-12 years 100m backstroke event, Molly Swales took a gold medal, in a time of 1:28:71. A silver medal was awarded to Briony Hart, and bronze medals going to Phoebe Dawson and Dannii-Bex Doubtfire.

The next event was the boys 13 years and over 50m butterfly. A gold medal was won by Tom Heaton, in a time of 27:68.

Jacob Mensah once again produced a fantastic swim, in a time of 56:78. This smashed his personal best time, and won a silver medal in his age group.

Event 354 was the girls 13 years and over 50m freestyle. Eleanor Woodroffe claimed a silver medal, and Emma Clapton a bronze.

The boys 9-12 years 50m backstroke saw Alex Swales swim a 59:25 to take gold medal position. This was along with Adam Dawson (39:24) and Thomas MacDonald (47:04). Silver medals were awarded to Adam Keith and Nathan Mundey, and a bronze medal was won by Ben Chamberlain.

The next event, the girls 9-12 years 50m breaststroke, saw strong representation from the club.

Achieving some great personal best times, and medal winning performances, were Megan Couch, Ellie-Mae Gavin, Briony Hart, Emily McDiarmid, Shanice Dobson, Matilda Tomlinson, Phoebe Dawson, Sophie Boddy, Molly Swales, Dannii-Bex Doubtfire, Amy Corcoran and Ceri Boddy. All swimmers gave fantastic performances and are the future stars of the club.

Another highlight of the gala was the boys 13 years and over 100m freestyle event. Alex Lynn won gold, in a time of 1:00:70. Tom Heaton struck gold in his age group, with a time of 56:45, and Sam Broadley claimed the silver medal position. Zac Doubtfire, Chris Cook and Luke Kelly all achieved best times.

The penultimate event was the girls 13 years and over 100m butterfly. Eleanor Woodroffe won gold in a time of 1:19:98 in her age group, and Jace Cappleman also achieved a gold in a time of 1:11:16. Emma Keith won a bronze medal and Emily Corcoran achieved a best time.

The final event of the weekend was the Hopper Junior Skins, the finalists were swimmers who qualified from the earlier 100m Individual Medley.

Representing Scarborough SC were Nathan Mundey, Charlie Hopper, Ed Hopper, Ben Chamberlain, Briony Hart, Molly Swales, Amy Corcoran, Phoebe Dawson and Emily Harrison.

After some brilliant swims by all involved, the girls event was won by Megan Jones of South Hunsley, and the boys event was a brother vs brother final between Charlie and Ed Hopper.

The atmosphere was electric, with both boys focussed on the job in hand.

Great swims from both boys followed, with elder brother Charlie just edging the win. After the race, the brothers smiled at each other and shook hands - a fitting end to a great weekend of swimming.