Seahawks lose out

Scarborough Seahawks National League adventure continued this weekend with a two games against Bradford Dragons, one at home in the Dragons Den and the return leg held at the Seahawks Nest.

The first game set off at a blistering pace with both teams battling hard for the upper hand. The second quarter saw the Dragons take the lead with some very fast basketball that the Hawks struggled to contain.

The second half was a chasing game for the Seahawks, some excellent teamwork, shooting and fast-paced basketball from the Dragons dominated and in the end took a comfortable lead.

Notable performance from Connor Lawlor-Mahon for the Seahawks, he only joined the squad over the Christmas period but showed grit and determination attacking the basket.

In the second game, things once again started at a blistering pace with Seahawks’ Rob Landray landing a massive 3 three-point shot to start the game, followed by 11 points in a hurry from captain Martin Kitchen, as the Seahawks finished the quarter with a 27-24 lead.

The Dragons weren’t prepared to let the Seahawks have it all their own way and mounted a come-back early in the second quarter, chalking up eight unanswered points before Landray sunk another three and Matt Baker made a moral boosting “AND 1” to pick the Seahawks up.

Good team play and strong defensive hustle kept the game even at the end of the first half Seahawks were down 45-44.

The third quarter was tough for the Seahawks, the Dragons started to fast break which allowed them to jump into the lead. Scarborough looked buried until a late surge from Harry Dodds pulled back a basket then a pretty three-point play followed up with another basket from Kitchen brought the Hawks within contention going into the final quarter, with the score at 78-67 to Bradford.

The Seahawks ran out of steam in the final period, battling hard for two days took its toll. Bradford ran hard in the final period racking up unanswered points, the game finished 114-86.

Coach Dave Simms said: “I don’t think the score really reflects today’s game. We were unlucky to run out of energy but it happens when you play twice in a weekend.

“We played hard, and very well at times, Harry Dodds has just this week transferred from York and he found his feet quickly, we will build on this and get stronger and stronger.”