Sportsdesk Comment with Martin Dowey: Thank goodness SBC saw sense

Sportsdesk Comment with Martin Dowey
Sportsdesk Comment with Martin Dowey

Am I alone in thinking that paying the sum of £135,000 for the chance to host the Tour de Yorkshire was something that didn’t even needed debating?

Surely Scarborough’s Borough Councillors should have nodded their heads straight away, handing over the money and then starting the preparations for an event that could put the town on the cycling map for years to come.

People will always sling mud at opportunities like this, citing that it isn’t that easy or it doesn’t have pedigree.

But when a chance like this falls into your lap, why not grasp it with both hands?

By the time the Tour de Yorkshire gains its ‘pedigree’ then it might be established in Whitby or Bridlington - bringing fans, trade and cash to those towns.

Fortunately, after yesterday’s meeting, the councillors saw beyond any obstacles and the event now looks set to use Scarborough as a ‘host city’ on May 2 of 2015.

I would like to congratulate the councillors who said the big ‘yes’ because it demonstrated that they are thinking of us.

If you take a glance back a few months to the Tour de France’s visit to this part of the world, surely that would sway any of the reservations.

It may not be the same event, but as things go the Tour de Yorkshire will still have pulling power.

People stood five or six deep to watch the competitors flying up hill and down Yorkshire dale.

It was surprising at the time that the delights of our town, in fact the whole coast, were completely ignored.

As promised though, the cyling world and Welcome to Yorkshire have come up with a compromise, and this trade-off will benefit Scarborough greatly.

It can’t be easy bringing people to a town whose transport links aren’t the greatest.

Also, opportunities to watch top-class sport in Scarborough are limited.

Usually you have to rely on Scarborough RUFC’s Silver Royd, which has hosted a number of county and national fixtures in recent years.

And with football being played away from town until the cloud over the long-awaited Weaponness Sports Village is lifted, any scraps we are given should be swiftly snapped up.