The Fitness Column: There are no magic pills for losing weight

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I was in a health shop the other day buying some organic peanut butter.

While I was standing there, I noticed a display with a Weight Management banner.

I wandered over there and took a look. There was Green Coffee Bean extract, Raspberry Pills, Slim Fast, and other popular supplements, shakes, and weight loss bars.

As I was standing there I realized that these shelves are what a lot of people look to for help in weight management.

Many of my clients admit to browsing these shelves before realising the truth. They hoped there would be some magic pill or box that would magically make them lose three or four stone, but sadly there was not.

I have never taken a weight loss pill or supplement, but I have tried a few different liquid diets.

These did not work although the packaging and commercials promised they would. I should have taken advantage of the money back guarantee.

Weight/fat management isn’t about a pill. It isn’t about a particular supplement, protein powder, vitamin, food, or even a single diet plan.

Weight management/fat is about making a permanent lifestyle change. It isn’t glamorous. It isn’t sexy. It won’t sell books or magazines, but it’s the truth.

There is no short cut to weight/fat management whether you need to gain weight, lose weight, or maintain your weight. It all takes work, planning, and commitment.

There is no magic tablet or magic powder. We all know that in our hearts, but we feed the manufacturers pockets by purchasing their useless products in the hope that it may contain the magic we are looking for.

I want to encourage you to stop wasting time looking for the magic in a box and instead find your inner determination and will.

You have everything you need within you and you can lose weight with healthy eating, good support, and good exercise.

So here are five simple but highly affective tips that will move your fat loss forwards:

1. Are you eating too much processed food and sugar? Make sure you eat loads of natural foods, foods that are grown or animals. Eating processed food and sugar simply makes your body hungry quicker and your body will store it as fat. If you’re not sure, keep a food diary - making a log of everything helps to keep things in perspective.

2. Are you eating enough? Process food and sugars are full of energy, too much energy. But because they are power-packed with calories you don’t need lots of it. Therefore, when you eat health nutritional dense foods you need lots of them. Remember if you don’t eat enough your body goes into starvation mode; sheds muscle and stores calories as fat for a future energy source.

3. Are you skipping any meals? If so, do not expect to see results. Skipping meals slows your metabolism causing body to store fat rather than burn it.

4. How many alcoholic drinks do you have each week? Alcohol stimulates your appetite, slows your metabolism, and it’s loaded with empty (sugar) calories. In other words your body converts it to fat straight away.

5. Are you planning and preparing your meals ahead of time? If you have not planned your meals, you are more likely to cheat and find yourself off track.

They might seem very obvious, but implementing them is hard to do and just as hard to sustain for a longer period of time. That doesn’t mean you can’t achieve but what it does mean is that you have to change your mind set and move forwards in a positive and stronger way.

Remember, you can do it.

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