The Wykeham monster

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Local angler Wyndon Coole feels that there could be more monster fish lying in the depths of Wykeham Lakes after his record catch.

Coole, 58, recently landed an English record pike from Wykeham’s trout lake, the fish weighing in at a massive 46lb 11oz.

The catch was just two pounds shy of Roy Lewis’ British record, which has stood since 1992.

The Wykeham pike is no stranger to Coole, as he had previously bagged it in 2011 when it weighed 45lb 14oz.

It was first caught by warden Jake Finnigan in 2010.

Coole is now confident that another landing will be enough to smash the British record.

That will have to wait though, as the pike fishing season ends on March 15, beginning once again in June.

“It is a known fish because it has been caught a time or two,” said Coole, who started pike fishing in the 1970s.

“I caught it a month ago, so with spawning coming up it should get bigger.

“It had really packed the weight on and bulked out since the last time I caught it, so in the future I would have thought that it will smash the record.

“I’m not sure I want to catch it again. It is a strange one, though you do get a massive buzz when you catch something like that.

“That fish isn’t alone though, there is a fish of 30lb that I caught two years ago, so I would have thought that it would have grown as well.

“You can’t target a fish, but I would like to catch that one.”

It is only a privileged few who have the ability to fish for the monster pike after they set up a syndicate with Finnigan.

Wyndon, who works as a coachtrimmer at Bluebird Coaches, added: “Jake took over when Mike Heelas left and we set up a small syndicate of eight anglers who are allowed to fish for the pike. We obviously have to share with the trout anglers as well.

“I caught that pike because I had a lot of time to take from my job and at the time I was the only one on it because two of the syndicate were in Australia and one was in hospital.

“I had netted a couple over 25lb and a few doubles before that one came in. As soon as it was on the line I knew it was the fish I had caught a few years earlier.”

The Scarborough man is now looking to cast his net further afield in a bid to land some even bigger pike.

The biggest pike ever caught was landed in Germany and that weighed in at 55lb.

He said: “I went to Holland recently and I got talking to a man about a lake over there with some tremendous-sized fish in.

“At some point I would like to go back and see if I can catch one of those. Supposedly some grow up to 50-odd pounds.”