VIDEO: Matt Conner’s latest golf tip

When players are playing well and are on course for a good score they tend to put themselves under pressure on the greens to keep holing putts.

This can lead to holding the club tighter causing poor rhythm and speed control in the putting stroke. This in turn will create missed putts and a poor score.

A good practice drill is to firstly purchase the same grip as you have on your putter- I will explain the purpose of this shortly. Now place a tee 10 feet from the hole. Set yourself a target of holing 10 balls from 10 feet.

It doesn’t matter if you miss the hole on your way to reaching nine balls holed but when you are putting to get the tenth one in it has to go in on its first attempt. If you miss then you start again.

The pressure on holing the 10th ball will put you in a similar pressure situation you would find yourself in on the course.

The reason why I want you to purchase the same grip as you have on your putter is to help you with your tension.

Before every putt I would like you to hold this spare grip and go through your normal putting stroke. Because the grip is not attached to a putter it will feel light and your hands and arms will not become tense.

Once you have had your practice stoke then use the same relaxed feeling you have gained from the practice stroke and then putt the ball.

Do this drill before each putt to encourage good practice enabling you to stay relaxed in pressure situations.