VIDEO: Matt Conner’s latest tip

The golf swing doesn’t change that much it is more the set-up positions that change, these then change the swing.

Rather than you swinging one way for one club and another way for another club.

Snainton Golf Centre's pro' Matt Conner's golf tips. 11/10 - Custon fitting irons. Picture by Andrew Higgins   sn123231b  09/08/12

Snainton Golf Centre's pro' Matt Conner's golf tips. 11/10 - Custon fitting irons. Picture by Andrew Higgins sn123231b 09/08/12

Knowing the correct ball positions and tee heights with your woods and irons will help change the angle the club swings into the ball helping to hit each club as it should be hit.

At first it is easy to practice creating the ideal ball position by placing an alignment stick between your feet, with your feet together, and the ball opposite the alignment stick.

From this position it is easy to move both feet properly so the position of the ball is correct for the different clubs.

Short Irons

The ball position with a short iron should be in the centre of your stance; if you move both feet equal distance this will create the ideal ball position.

The club will be encouraged to still descend into the ball. This will help with creating the correct amount of spin.

Mid/short Irons

When using the nine and eight iron, the ball should now be placed two-three centimetres nearer the front foot from the centre ball position.

Moving the back foot out slightly more than the front foot will encourage this ball position.

Mid Irons

The 7/6 irons need to be even closer to the front.

The ball needs to be played four-five centre-metres closer to the front foot then centre, so again move the back foot more than the front foot to create this ideal ball position between the feet.

As the ball is placed nearer the front foot this starts to change the club’s angle of approach into the ball.

The divots will become shallower the closer the ball is positioned closer to the front foot.

Long irons

The ball position for the five, four and three iron is placed nearly opposite inside the front heel.

The front foot moves just slightly outwards.

The back foot is moving nearly all the way to make the stance to shoulder width apart.

Driver and fairways

I hear too often that you have to try and sweep the ball off the tee with the driver and fairways.

Just by placing the ball in the correct position between the feet will automatically create this ideal sweeping action when swinging.

Now the front foot doesn’t move at all and the back foot moves all the way to create the shoulder width a part stance.

The ball will be positioned opposite inside the front heel.