VIDEO: Matthew Conner’s golf drill - Striking down a slope

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The majority of drills I demonstrate are for use on the practice ground.

This week I am going to give you a drill which you could use on the course, before you hit the ball.

When your ball is on a sloping lie, the first thing you need to think about is the quality of strike.

This is the hardest factor to get right as you can easily lose your balance and not have the ball positioned in the correct place between your feet.

This simple drill involves you having a couple of practice swings to the side of where your ball lies so that you have a similar stance position when striking the ball.

When you have the practice swings, take note of where the club is contacting the ground.

If the club consistently contacts the ground in the same position, make a note of the contact area and where it is between your feet.

It may be in the centre of your stance or closer to the left or right foot.

Wherever the position is this is where you need to be placing the ball when you go to hit the shot.

This will help you improve your quality of strike from awkward sloping lies.

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