VIDEO: Matthew Conner’s golf tips

I have been asked to demonstrate another drill which will help you to draw the ball from the tee.

With this drill you will need to think you are former Manchester United and England midfielder David Beckham when he is taking a free-kick.

When he or other professional footballers strike a free-kick they tend to kick the ball so that it shapes right to left in the air (right foot players).

This will help the ball move around the wall of opponent players in front of them and finish on target.

How they do this is they run to the ball from the inside trying to kick the ball to the right hand side of the wall of players.

Then when striking the ball they turn their foot to impart spin on the ball which will help the ball curve left in flight to finish in the goal.

Now I want you to use this feeling of taking a free-kick to help you hit a draw.

Using your driver I want you to feel there is a wall of players stood in front of you.

Now try and swing the club so that the head comes from the inside which will start the ball to the right.

Just as you approach impact with the ball start and turn the clubface which will then help the ball serve back left in flight so the ball finishes back on the target.