VIDEO: Matthew Conner’s weekly golf tip - Target Putting

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Many players, when faced with a putt which has a small amount of break, worry about the ball missing the hole.

This causes them to miss the putt as their putting stroke becomes anxious and the putter face is turned at impact with the ball.

This leads to the ball missing the hole to the left or right.

To help you build confidence for this style of putt try this drill.

Place five tees behind the hole.

One tee in the centre, one tee on the right and left edge of the hole and place one tee equal distance between the centre tee and the tees on the right and left edge.

Go through your normal pre-shot routine to choose where you will be aiming.

When aiming the putter, make sure that you aim at one of the tees behind the hole.

Once you are set up the key factor is to trust you are aiming correctly and when you putt the ball feel like you are keeping the putter face aiming straight towards the tee you have chosen.

Do not become distracted about the ball going into the hole.

Your goal on each putt is to always focus on the tee you are aiming at.

When you go onto the course, obviously you cannot use tees so try aiming at a discoloured piece of grass or something similar behind the hole.

The key is to think of your target not about the ball missing the hole.

This will help you hole more putts.

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