VIDEO: Matthew Conner’s weekly golf tips - Playing a better bump and run

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You may need to play a bump and run instead of a pitch shot to the green if the ground conditions become too hard and the hole is close to the front of the green.

The pitch shot would end up bouncing through the green but the bump and run would land way short of the green then run up to the hole.

Matthew Conner's weekly golf tips video

Matthew Conner's weekly golf tips video

To play this shot correctly and consistently you do not want the ball to fly high, it should always be hit so the ball keeps low.

A good drill to help keep the ball from flying high is to tie a piece of rope between two golf shafts or drill sticks.

Place them a few metres in front of you. Now try and hit the ball so that it flies under the rope and not over it.

This will encourage your hands to stay in front of the club head at impact, stopping the club from gaining too much loft causing the ball to fly high.

The more you practice this drill the easier and more effective your bump and runs will be.

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