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A Scarborough News reader has been in touch again with a problem when hitting iron shots.

Mike’s question is: “I have a problem with hitting the ground first then the ball with my irons, I feel I fall off the shot a bit.”

It sounds like Mike is not shifting his weight forward onto his front foot when he is swinging into the ball.

When you look at players who are strong hitters and good strikers of a golf ball, they tend to shift 90 per cent of their weight onto their front foot at impact with the ball.

To help you transfer your weight forward instead of leaving too much on your back foot (right foot, right hand golfer) try this drill.

In your practice swing, once you have reached the top of the backswing I want you to try and feel that you start your downswing trying to move your right knee to touch your left knee.

This may feel like your legs are a bit loose at first but it is helping to transfer your weight forward rather than leaving too much weight on your back foot.

A good position to look for after you have swung through is to try and finish balanced with your knees touching this gives you a good indication you have transferred your weight forwards.

Once you are happy with the practice swings try and use these same feelings from the practice swing and hit some shots.

There are a few common faults which cause you to hit the ground first then the ball.

This drill will help you cure the fault of not transferring weight through the shot.