Organisers reveal record crowds for Gold Cup races

The Oliver’s Mount circuit signed off the 2015 road racing season with the biggest Steve Henshaw Gold Cup crowd in recent memory.

Friday, 18th September 2015, 10:12 am
Record crowds flocked to Olivers Mount at the weekend to take in the Steve Henshaw Gold Cup

The likes of the Dunlop brothers, William and Michael, and road racing legend John McGuiness proved to be a draw for fans of the sport to flock to Scarborough.

Scott Beaumont, marketing director for event organisers Auto 66 said: “It has been a very good week for Oliver’s Mount.

“The reaction from the fans has been fantastic, people were really happy and praising the weekend.

“We are still waiting for thre official numbers to come in but it was easily the biggest Gold Cup in recent memory, you could see that from the crowd and see and feel the atmosphere.”

Beaumont said reaction from fans had been positive after issues earlier this year when the Cock O’ the North was changed to a one-day event and then abandoned due to an oil spillage on track.

He added: “In terms of why it was so big this year, it is a combination of things.

“Last year’s Gold Cup was a big event but this year the social media is really paying off.

“We are putting the event to a much bigger audience, have our YouTube channel and a new website where people can get all the information they need.

“As a result, we are now attracting John McGuiness and our local heroes Lee Johnston, Dean Harrison and James Cowton - these guys are queuing up to be part of the events now.

“Road racing is really bouncing back and we wanted to put in an extra day for the fans. Oliver’s Mount is England’s only road racing circuit and we can’t get away from that fact.

“The majority of residents and businesses will celebrate this. It’s a venue with a long standing history of road racing anyway.”