Bridlington Road Runners hit top form in busiest week since before the Covid-19 pandemic

It has been the busiest week of racing since before the pandemic with Bridlington Road Runners’ colours on show at more than 15 events around the UK.

By Andy Bloomfield
Thursday, 16th June 2022, 7:16 am
The Bridlington Road Runners team line up at the Sledmere Sunset Trail race

Photo by TCF Photography
The Bridlington Road Runners team line up at the Sledmere Sunset Trail race Photo by TCF Photography

The schedule began with the latest round of the East Hull Harriers Summer League, a seven-mile course at Sproatley last Tuesday, writes John Edwards.

Nine members tackled one of the longer distances in the series, with Martin Hutchinson, Graham Lonsdale, junior Micah Gibson, Heidi Baker and Laura Nurse all getting below the one-hour mark.

Dom Webster was first over-45 and Heidi Baker is at the top of the series Handicap Standings after five races.

The club was out in force on Friday evening for the Sledmere Sunset Trail, picking up a couple of second-placed finishes.

Scott Hargreaves took second in the challenging off-road 10k race, with Joe Shepherdson securing seventh spot on a warm and sunny evening.

Bob Eyre was first over 70, and Martin Hutchinson and Linda Hall were third in their respective age categories.

Mim Ireland in 39th place was Bridlington’s fastest lady and Evie Lakes was second girl in the 3.6 Taster run.

Bridlington Road Runner Laura Nurse in action at Sproatley

On a weekend of tremendous achievements, Danny Brunton claimed a personal best time as he finished third in the Hull Half Marathon, Becky Clifton was second over 50 in the AJ Bell

World Triathlon Championship Series in Leeds and Helena Bennett finished her first Hardmoors ultra-marathon in a shade over six hours.

Laura Nurse broke two hours for a half marathon for the first time at Doncaster, and Andy Baker and Jane Welbourne both ran 50km around Dalby Forest.

Determined not to be outdone in week of outstanding performances, the club’s juniors again pitted themselves against the best in the region.

Scott Hargreaves, of Bridlington Road Runners, took second spot at the Sledmere Sunset Trail 10k

They headed to the Humber Athletics Open Series on Saturday.

Annabelle Miller - PB of 3.15m with 12th place in U13 long jump, 3.33m in 6th place for U13 shotput & 2:49.83 in 4th place for U13 800m.

Becky Miller - matched PB of 3.49m in 7th place for U13 long jump, 15.66s in 5th place for U13 70m hurdles and 2:42.29 in 1st place for U13 800m.

Teddy Imeson - PB of 3.32m in 5th for U13 long jump, 18.57 in 2nd place for U13 75m hurdles and 1.05m in 1st place for U13 High jump.

Hope Adams - 2.52m in 15th for U13 long jump, 41.37 in 17th for U13 200m and 3.95m in 5th for U13 shotput.

Kyra Leary - 3.21m in 11th for U13 long jump, 16.97 in 7th for U13 70m hurdles and 39.06 in 16th for U13 200m.

Océane Price - 10.19m in 3rd for U11 howler throw, 2:13.33 in 2nd for U11 600m and 2.64m in 4th in U11 long jump.

Tyler Choat - 2:15.83 in 4th in U11 600m and 2.26m in 4th in U11 long jump.

Maëlys Price - 19.81 in 10th for U13 70m hurdles, 42.85 in 18th for U13 200m and 3.15m in 7th for the U13 shotput.

Evie Lakes - 37.43 in 15th for the U13 200m and 3:06.29 in 11th for the U13 800m.

Rebecca Addison - 32.62 in 8th for U15 200m, 52.49 in 4th for U15 300m and 2:48.16 in 4th for U15 800m.

Josh Miller - 17.00m in 3rd for U11 howler throw, 29.19 in 5th for U1 1 150m and 2.70m in 4th for U11 long jump.

Daniel Imeson - PB of 1.25m in 1st place for U15 high jump, 3.51m in 4th for U15 long jump and PB of 17.70m in 4th for U15 javelin.

Louie Dixon - 1.00m in 2nd for U13 High jump and 16.63 in 4th for U13 100m.

Erin Gummerson - 53.98 in 5th for U15 300m and 2:50.39 in 5th for U15 800m.

At the same event, Jo Dagnan was third, and first female, in the senior 3000m race, just ahead of juniors coach Josh Taylor.

Personal bests were out of the question at Sewerby Parkrun, with the field running an alternative, extended course for a few weeks, while work to improve pathways inside Sewerby Hall and Gardens are ongoing.

BRR duo Phill Taylor and James Briggs finished in the top 10 on the 5.5km course, which involves two laps of the first half of the usual course.

Sewerby Parkrun: 5 Phill Taylor 21:24, 8 James Briggs 21:43, 13 Martin Hutchinson 22:38, 19 Adam Dyas 23:59, 26 Micah Gibson (jnr) 25:11, 28 Ben Edwards (jnr) 25:18, 33 Graham Lonsdale 25:34, 37 Chris Price 26:08, 42 Damian Probett 26:39, 45 Luke Duffill 26:51, 49 Jonathan Ogden 27:13, 50 Patricia Bielby 27:18, 52 Chris Humphries 27:24, 58 Alan Feldberg 28:07, 80 Pete Royal 31:45, 90 Zoe Ellis-Cornell 32:26, 103 Charlie Johnson (jnr) 33:47, 104 Chris Johnson 33:48, 109 Lucinda Gibson 34:19, 112 Jane Probett 34:43, 119 L M E Choat (jnr) 35:21, 122 Justin Choat 35:28, 134 Kevin Sissons 37:37, 140 Debbie Duffill 40:03, 155 Cindy Baker 49:28, 156 Linda Hall 49:31.

North Yorkshire Water Park Parkrun: 6 Simon Walters 20:58, 85 Stuart Gent 29:10, 92 Ethan Jones (jnr) 30:26, 120 Lynda Gent 34:14, 139 Erin Jones (jnr) 37:45.

EHH Summer League, Sproatley 7 Mile: Men: 33 Martin Hutchinson 47:25, 59 Graham Lonsdale 53:04, 60 Micah Gibson 53:08, 88 Bob Eyre 1:03:45

Women: 13 Heidi Baker 59:38, 14 Laura Nurse 59:41, 17 Dominique Webster 1:01:16, 26 Kirsten Porter 1:12:42, 27 Amanda Tindall 1:12:43

Sledmere Sunset Trail: 2 Scott Hargreaves 37:23, 7 Joe Shepherdson 47:42, 16 Alan Feldberg 50:03, 17 Dan Cawthorn 50:47, 26 Martin Hutchinson 52:24, 33 Stuart Gent 53:03, 39 Mim Ireland 53:43, 40 Allan McFarlane 54:40, 64 Adam Dyas 55:49, 66 Graham Lonsdale 55:56, 84 Becky Clifton 56:56, 89 Justine Sutcliffe 57:19, 94 Ellis Hodges 57:28, 106 Jonathan Ogden 58:26, 121 Emma Richardson 59:15, 125 Tom Fynn 59:34, 134 Emily Cawthorn 1:00:31, 153 Heidi Baker 1:01:40, 164 Dominique Webster 1:02:01, 178 Bob Eyre 1:02:41, 179 Simon Ellerker 1:03:02, 194 Becky Lawry 1:04:11, 258 Di Raper 1:11:50, 272 Paul Raper 1:14:29, 273 Dave Foster 1:13:53, 291 Janet Downes 1:18:58, 319 Linda Hall 1:26:36, 323 Tina Calthorpe 1:31:42

Sledmere Sunset Trail Taster 3.6K: 7th Evie Lakes (jnr) 16:59, 17 Alexander Fynn (jnr) 20:35, 35 Rob Calthorpe 28:18

See York Run York Summer 10K: 9th Josh Taylor 48:37.

Dalby Inferno: Jane Welbourn and Andy Baker

Sandringham Parkrun: 58 Janet Potter 26:01

Pontefract Parkrun: 73 Simon Porter 25:58, 174 Kirsten Porter 32:33, 175 Amanda Tindall 32:33

Hull Half Marathon: 3 Danny Brunton 1:18:21, 29 Nick Jordan 1:25:00, 78 Jo Dagnan 1:35:39, 342 Gerard Ferre 1:56:21

Hull 10K: 86 Nick Craggs 44:21, 358 Emma Richardson 51:31, 1363 Glen Walker 1:12:41, 1364 Hayley Croft 1:12:41

Doncaster Half Marathon: 22 James Wilson 1:22:16, 399 Laura Nurse 1:58:42, 709 Di Raper 2:29:11

Hardmoors 26.2 White Horse trail Marathon: Helena Bennett 06:03:00

Scalby Fair Multi-Terrain 5K: Tina Calthorpe 42:03, Rob Calthorpe 42:03

AJ Bell World Triathlon Championship Series Leeds, Sprint: 69 Becky Clifton 1:38:25.