Brilliant Broadmore makes swift recovery

Jamie Broadmore in action
Jamie Broadmore in action
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Scarborough Pirate Jamie Broadmore has burst back onto the scene just a year after picking up a nasty knee injury.

Broadmore, who turns 22 next month, fractured the bottom part of his knee in a game at Thorne Marauders in June last year.

Scarborough Pirates player Jamie Broadmore

Scarborough Pirates player Jamie Broadmore

He was carried off the pitch and grabbed a ride home on the team minibus before being diagnosed in Scarborough Hospital later that night.

Broadmore was told that it could be the end of his playing day, but despite having no rehab or physio, he has made a full recovery and has been starring for the Pirates this season.

He was one of the star men in Saturday’s fifth win out of five in Yorkshire Group Four against West Bradford Barbarians.

He said: “It was a frustrating time for me because I just want to be playing.

“I fractured the bottom part of my knee just before half-time in the game at Thorne and I had to be carried off.

“I didn’t think it was as bad as it was because I could hobble about, so I came back home on the minibus.

“I got it checked out after that though and they told me that I might not play again.

“I didn’t have any rehabilitation, I was offered some physio work, but I was told that it would be a long wait.

“I was off work for two months with it, so I don’t wnat to be doing anything like that again.”

Broadmore is one of the longest serving Pirates, having been with the club since the very first training session 12 years ago.

He added: “When I could run on it again I told myself that I should give it another go.

“I had played rugby league for 12 years and had a good stint in the game, so I decided that if it went again I would pack it in.

“When I came back I was a bit wary of my first tackle, but after that it has been back to normal because it is a big part of the game.”

Broadmore is now back enjoying his rugby, as his performance on Saturday against West Bradford demonstrated.

He said: “Things are going really well at the club, we are playing some good rugby.

“We are missing a few lads and we have had a lot of new faces slotted in there, but it is working as a team.

Everyone just wants to go out there and win the game, which is exactly what you want.”

Broadmore and the rest of the Pirates have a free weekend ahead of them, as their opponents Scunthorpe Barbarians pulled out of the league earlier in the season.

Chairman Dave Marsden is expecting a thrilling clash the weekend after, as the Pirates host Leeds Akkies in what will be a feast of running rugby.

He said: “We only beat them by six points at their place, so it will be another close game.

“Both teams like to play running rugby, so it could be the best game of the season.”

The Pirates’ A team will be away at South Humberside Rabbitoahs on Saturday.

They will be looking to bounce back from a disappointing 72-0 defeat against Myton Warriors last weekend.